somebody is nailing tummy time.

That somebody is Jack.

What? You didn't think this blog was all about Sam now and that we'd forgotten about our first born, did you? Our love is seniority based. Jack came first. (I'm pretty sure when he's older, Sam will probably believe this is true. What? I love me some cat-baby.)

True story (because sometimes I lie on here?), the fan in our room got left on the other night because someone forgot to turn it off (cough Chuck cough - sounds more like something I would do right? Well I didn't! It was Golden Boy!) and I didn't hear Sam when he woke from his baby slumber. Good news - his big brother did, went and got me, and then waited at his door until I got my Mother of the Year butt down the hallway. Thank goodness someone is on their A-game around here.

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  1. Oh our fur babies. I love that Jack actually came to get you for Sam. Watching out for little brother. :-)


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