sam and my dad.

I've decided that since I own this domain, I can obviously use it as a platform for whatever I feel like. I think the whole $10 a year I pay for this blog earns me that right. And today, I feel like sharing "I love my Dad." And that is all.
Ok, not quite all.
Sam and I spent last Saturday at my parents' place. It was a roaring good time. We put Sam in the same infant seat that I fell off the table in 30 years ago - super safe and fat boy didn't fit - and had fun trying to dodge food that Fe was attempting to give the not yet 3 month old. She does this to get a rise out of me. She's very good at what she does.
Sam looked dapper on Saturday in blue plaid shorts and a turquoise colored shirt. Don't worry, pic is coming. Hold your horses and scroll bars. PK was not yet dressed for the day when I showed up - he was sunning himself on the deck. His life. My dream. He saw Sam's outfit and announced he had the same one and would shower and put it on.
Who doesn't want to be twinsies with a 12 week old?
So he and Sam are outside enjoying the trees (Sam is quite the budding arborist) and PK yells for me to get a camera - "ANY CAMERA" - and come outside. This "any camera" request tells me that whatever he is doing, a cell phone camera might actually be better than me fumbling around with settings on my Nikon monstrosity. (Side note: my Nikon monstrosity is actually a Nikon monstrosity that my Dad bought himself two years ago. So, his Nikon monstrosity. I borrowed it like a month after he bought it and have failed to return it. Whoops. I'll get right on that.)
This is what I find:
Apologies, first off, if you already saw this picture on my Instagram. I care in as much as I do not. Somethings get to be double social media covered. Like when your Dad and your baby are in matching outfits and chillaxin' (this is definitely the definition of chillaxin') on a summer evening.
I like that they are in matching outfits.
I like that they are both slumped a little to their right.
I like that Sam cannot sit up yet or totally hold his head up so this chair is probably not the best choice for him at this point in his baby life.
So I say to PK, "You break him, you buy him."
And he says "I kind of already did that."
Obviously, he didn't break him so try and connect the IVF dots here.
We gave Sam my Dad's middle name (Kerry) which is actually the name he goes by because the "P" in PK apparently wasn't cutting it. Samuel Kerry. So this picture is technically S.Kerry and P.Kerry. We settled on "Kerry" kind of like how a stadium sells naming rights. Qwest put up the most money, so Qwest Field. Safeco Insurance...Safeco Field. Of course we didn't sell the rights to name Sam, and I had always wanted to use my Dad's name for a kid as a tribute piece because he is so special to me, but this situation that we were in made it all the more funny and perfect for Sam to have Dad's middle name. Also, if you can't laugh about the way your child came into the world, what do you have?
 These two are quite a pair.

'Sup, Ladies.


  1. Love the last pic and caption!

  2. You seem so deleriously happy! :)
    Also, FYI its not Qwest anymore... its Century Link Field, aka the CLink ;) you might need to publish a blog correction hahaha jk... kinda... :)

  3. There aren't many grandpas with smaller bellies than their progeny. Props to PK!


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