new baby. new blog look.

Ok so it's not some dramatic change, I get it, but at least it's been updated. Oh and you have to view it in a web browser, not on the mobile version, otherwise it's really not much...

I think my biggest Internet pet peeve is when people forget they had children or new children and leave their blog "The Smith Three" when they are on kid number 4. I've seen it a thousand times. And every time it drives me crazy. These are the things I obsess about. Feel free to pray for me. And for Chuck in his dealings with me.

So. We are now officially updated. Sam was really strike three in the blog needing to be updated - I was a tad behind.

1. The blog "tag" was still a "twenty something married couple". While we are still married (in the loosest sense of the word. Kidding) we most certainly are not twenty-something anymore. (Can you hear my gentle sobs through to your computer?)

2. The average age of the two of us in our previous masthead was... 24 3/4 years old. I did the math. So, while I looked fabulous at 24, that was six years ago and maybe, just maybe, I've aged slightly. Though I want to claim Peter Pan and say Chuck and I are the Lost Boys, we are definitely both finding gray hairs. Him more than me, for the record. And how are those sobs of mine coming in through your speakers?

3. And finally, strike three, Sam. Did you know we have a baby? Just checking.

And so I decided to spend my morning updating the blog.

Here is your picture present to say "Thanks for stopping by and seeing the new-ish design".

You are welcome. I have no caption for this. You can decide what you think and why this happened.

Enjoy your Saturday. I will be spending mine dealing with Chuck and selling things on Craigslist. Wish me luck.

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  1. Love the new look and love that all your friends are having babies together. How lucky are those babies to have such an awesome bunch of people raising them:-)


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