it's been eight years.

When we got married, we told everyone we were on the 3 to 5 year plan for having a baby. It ended up being 3 + 5 years, but they have been a truly wonderful 3 + 5 years, even though we've had our ups and downs in the last half of that trying to get that baby. But, good news, the last 3 + 5 weeks with Sam have been the absolute best of our lives so we will take it how it came.

On our 8th wedding anniversary....

It seems like a lifetime ago. Half my bridesmaid weren't legal to drink. The pictures were taken on film and we are about 12 years old and so in love. I would die if I went to the wedding of a 22 year old and probably be taking bets on how long it would last. I think even at 22 it was pretty clear we were perfect for each other and, more importantly, that no one else would ever deal with us (mostly me), so it was a safe bet that we would last.

It's the pottery anniversary so we will probably try to find some clay and act out the scene from Ghost tonight. Or, we will go have dinner at the same restaurant as our rehearsal dinner and one of the bridesmaids who wasn't legal back then is coming over to babysit Sam. She still can't drink, but this time because she's pregnant, so I guess not too much has changed.

I loved the view from our wedding, but I am loving this view a whole lot more eight years later.


  1. Tears in my eyes reading this. Happy, happy anniversary and cheers to celebrating this as the first anniversary as parents. We love you! xo the Christiansons

  2. Happy Anniversary, you have a beautiful family...xxoo!!

  3. Happy anniversary you two! And what a special one too now that you can talk about Sam!!


  4. how did i miss this post? Babysitting would have been more fun if a certain family member was there to sneak me drinks.


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