it's basically a pregnancy pact.

Nap times are gifts from God meant for photo editing. I'm pretty sure making pictures sparkle is more important than laundry, dishes, and anything else that I should be doing. A happy mom is a well photoshopped mom. I've decided.

I was opening some folders today and found beautiful pictures of my beautiful besties and thought - dang, those girls are so pretty and when was the last time the blog saw them? Sam is eating up all their screen time. That. Kid.

Around the friend group, we are in the year of the pregnancies. I'm reasonably certain that's one of the Chinese years or zodiac signs or something like that. By the end of 2013, we will have four new babies. Heck, by the end of the summer actually if you want to get specific about it.

This is us last September at Dania's daughter's 2nd birthday.
Don't I have the best and most gorgeous best friends? And I get four of them because I am special like that. Winner winner, we are amazing at life. That's how the saying goes right?

Jessica (in green) is 15 weeks pregnant here and I told them all that day that I was officially pregnant - 5 whole weeks along. What? When people know the exact minute embryos are placed into you, you don't exactly get to wait three months to tell them it worked. I made it a week and they were sweating bullets because, again, when people know you are taking a blood test to see if you are pregnant and then you go dark on them for a week, well, this was a very happy day.

Fast forward to January, we had Jessica's baby shower. Libby couldn't be there so we were down a member, which always feels weird when even just a fifth of the team is missing.

By this time, we knew Jessica's Lucas was coming in March and that Sam was already huge and coming in May. Dania (in black) was 20 something weeks along and we were dying to know if it was going to be a boy or girl to add to our growing baby collection. And Emy (in red) had just found out she was pregnant. We had nailed it.

In March, we had our Lucas.

Of course we were all there for his midnight birth waiting in the lobby for our newest best friend. He did not disappoint. This is the next day - obviously a midnight picture would not have been this cute and that is what really matters. By now, we knew Sam was really huge - Jessica's nurses may have laughed at me - and that Dania was having a boy. Lucas in March, Sam in May and we'd have a Noah in June.
This is us at my shower in April.
Aside from the fact that I look like I might eat them all, I think we look gorgeous. In this picture, we are one week away from finding out that Emy would be having our Girl. She is going to be so spoiled. And already has three possible prom dates.
Two weeks before Dania had Noah, we had our monthly dinner. The group has changed a little since September.

And then this last Wednesday, we drove to Dania's to have our first monthly dinner with our newest member. Baby Noah was born June 26th and already has the most hair of anyone, us included.

When we get together for Paisley's birthday in September, we might just have Emy's baby girl by then. Until then, we will hold our breath waiting for our last 2013 baby to join the group.

Chuck has accused us of having a pregnancy pact. Obviously.

It's amazing how things have a way of working out because if I had gotten pregnant on my schedule, I wouldn't have been pregnant with my best friends. Not that I loved waiting four years to meet my Sam, but knowing that he already has best friends, makes everything just that much more worth it.

Because if these babies have even  half as good a friendship as the five of us have, they are already so blessed.


  1. emlhj and kristalJuly 16, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    no comments? are people intimidated by our awesomeness?

  2. Tear :*) that is such a sweet post! Your kiddos are lucky.


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