hell is freezing over. there are pictures of me.

It's not that I have something against being photographed - other than that my mouth fits best in an 8x11 - but there are never any pictures of me. That's partly my fault for having a "big" camera that people think is scary. And partly because I never remember that I haven't been in any pictures until it's too late.

Case. Point. This weekend, I made Lucy her photo book to commemorate 2012-2013 in her life (I know. Little late. Sue me. She's 4. She doesn't mind). 25 pages of pictures. Zero pictures of her and Me. The goal for next year's book is three pictures. I feel like that seems doable, and so far I have one from Sam's birth. So, one in seven months. We are going to need to step it up.

Since Sam was born, I've (not so) casually mentioned to Chuck that maybe he could try and every now and then snap a picture of me and Mr. Baby when we are doing something super cute. I'd like there to be evidence that I was a part of his life since right now we are definitely at a 10:1 Chuck and Sam to Susie and Sam picture ratio.

I super nicely and in my sweetest voice (we all know that's a lie) said "Chuck. Maybe take a pic of Sam and me when you think of it? K? Work on that."

He responded with, "Sus. Maybe don't have your boob out every time you and Sam are together? K? Work on that."

Touche Father Allison. Touche.

So I've gone looking for outside help. I'm outsourcing this problem to anyone who is not Chuck.

Not really, but I did have lunch with my absolute very best friend from High School last week. I died that we haven't seen each other in 100 years and three kids but we are making up for lost time.
We had lunch at her place. She's vegan and I'm McDonaldsan, but good news. Her healthy food was delicious and I ate all my vegetables. It was an odd feeling for me to leave a meal feeling good rather than that "I want to die" feeling you get from a Big Mac. Who knew?

Dannie (that's her, she has a name) has always been one of my favorite photographers and thank goodness she is finally getting back behind the lens and starting her own business. She was kind enough to do what I like to do - take pictures of people while you talk to them. It was amazing to actually have someone sit and photograph Sam who wasn't me, and BONUS have them take a few of us together so I can prove to him that I did exist his first year of life.

I am so grateful to Dannie for her amazing pictures. If this is what she can do while making lunch, wrangling a 2 and 3 year old, and talking to me...imagine what she can do at a "real" photo shoot.

The link to her Facebook page is here.

Thank you Dannie - we are treasuring these!


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  2. Wait, What?!? Moms can be in pictures other than the occasional iPhone selfie and the obligatory holiday photos?!? Who knew?

  3. Hi Susie!!! It has been a long time since I last saw you (walking around Greenlake). I found you through Instagram through another person's Instagram. Anyways so glad I found you! Congrats on your CUTE baby boy! You look great!


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