a little lucy and sam.

Don't think that I've forgotten about my favorite niece just because I now have my favorite baby.

I've actually gotten a fair number of questions about Miss Lu lately and what she's been up to. Lucy is 4 1/2 now, enjoys One Direction ("I love Harry so much, Sister"), cutting her own hair, and doing gymnastics for the "cute swimsuit you get to wear". She is obviously rocking life.

Lucy and my sister moved out of state so that's why Babe hasn't been on here much lately. I miss her terribly but love how much she already loves her cousin. We have some gems of the two of them together during visits. Thought I'd share a few case your cuteness or "aaaaahhhh" meter was low this Sunday morning. I'm such a giver.

Lucy came to visit every day I was in the hospital after having Sam. She wore "Big Sister" scrubs to his birth. That didn't get confusing at all. At school, she told people she was having a baby brother and someone said no, you are having a cousin. She said "No, my Sister is having my baby brother." Not confusing at all.

But actually, let's be clear here. She did not come to see me in the hospital. She came to see her "Little Fart" (again, she rocks at life and nicknaming).

Then she visited us our first day at home and took a picture of him to be the background on HER cell phone. She has one. Basically, it's a cheap game system but she does send a lot of "ahdgflnkasld" texts to us.

She is FABULOUS. The hair (pre-self cut). The sunglasses. The cell.

Then she spent a day "babysitting" Sam where she did a lot of creepy kid things like knew that turning down the volume on the radio would make him stop crying or that he was about to wake up and be hungry 5 second before opening his eyes. You know, creepy little kid "look at the angels" kind of things.

So during said babysitting day, Lucy says to Sam, "Wez just had lunch and now wez gonna watch some cartoonies and then wez gonna fall asleep because it's nap time."

By all accounts, Sam nodded and did just that.

And now you have died because those are the cutest pictures you have ever seen. As my sister would say, all the little lambies go nigh-nigh. Look at those two lambies.

So there you go. A little Lu for your morning.
She will be up for a whole week in August so be prepared for a repeat post of adorable cousin/faux sibling pics.

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