we're working on smizing.

It goes without saying that I obviously have the cutest baby around. Save for the raging case of baby acne that could make him a proactiv infomercial star IF they'd let me give it to him.

(side bar: Obviously I know better than to give my baby proactiv or to pick at his face. But if we can be honest with each other, and I hope we can, some of those things are so tempting... I HAVEN'T. I haven't. I'm just trying to be real with you. Relationships are built on trust. I want us to have that.)

N-E-Whoo. We were talking about the amazing cuteness of my baby. For example, look at Dapper Dan here on his way to his first visit to the Mother Ship (Nordstrom to the lay person).

See. Freaking uh-dorable.
Could he be more alert at 5 weeks? Obviously he is gifted. He's going to kindergarten in the fall. I've early entranced him. Half day, naturally, since I feel like All-Day K is pushing it.

That picture came out super beauticious because me and himz have been working on our smizing and angles in pictures. We did not get to this point in our picture taking without a lot of work. Some people might say that at 5 weeks I shouldn't really be criticizing the way my child looks in pictures or trying to work with him on posing. I say, Rome and Gisele Bundchen were not built in a day. And besides, isn't good parenting making sure your kid looks better in pictures than everyone else's kid? Am I missing the real meaning of parenting? Or did I actually nail it?

Sam and I have A LOT of time on our hands these days so we practiced our posing last week. We did not have many winners from this session, although it did help him to see what he was doing wrong and where his best angles are.

(I feel like I need a disclaimer on Sam posts that are completely sarcastic so I don't get a visit from CPS.)

For example.

This is not his best angle. This is more "Buzz, your girl friend. Woof."
I love him.

It really is amazing the many faces of a baby, and Baby Sam is really no different. In about 3 minutes, this is what I got. He shows so much variety for the modeling world. Like the anti-Zoolander. He's going to be more of a Hansel. He's so hot right now.

Fat baby face.

Surprised baby face.

Interested baby face.

Judgemental baby face.

Bored baby face.

Mom was messing around with her iPhone and not watching my floppy head baby face.

Fat surprised baby face.

Again with the iPhone and crummy parenting baby face.

Professor baby face.

Like I said before, we are really working on our posing so Sam can be the cutest baby on the block in pictures. Because that is what matters. Not happiness, contentment, or being loved. Obviously.


  1. Oh my god, he is one of the cutest babies ever! His mom is pretty darn funny too.

  2. I think Professor Baby Face is really his best. He totally nailed it.

  3. LOVE IT!! he is so precious. I love him and Ellie loves him too!! they should get married.

    ♥ Ashley



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