this is super graphic.

This video is pretty graphic. I'm not gonna lie.

Sam apparently thought he was a 12 year old girl and decided to practice kissing on his hand. He is really going after it. I mean dang, son. He is so going to be ready for spin the playtex bottle. Probably don't leave your lady babies unattended in the pack n play when Sam is around.

Ok OR he is just super aggressively rooting. And, obviously, we decided to video tape this first rather than immediately feed him. Is that not what we are supposed to do? First exploit, then meet needs? I feel like I am really nailing this parenting thing. You should probably be taking notes or at least be bookmarking my blog posts.

Incidentally, Sam called Baby CPS shortly after this claiming he's never been fed. I showed them his fat rolls and got off with a warning, but probably keep this video between us. Don't need Sam to have any extra ammunition.


  1. a of all, he's basically the perfect baby between the angry old man eyes and the cheeks that partially block them.

    b of all, have you noticed the bizarre next video suggestions at the end? Two Bill O'Reilly clips about the NSA, a video about "grow lights" (!), and "the science of lucid dreaming"?

    c of all, sorry about commenting out of the blue after blog lurking for so long. I adore your blog and I'm loving the new star.

  2. baby grunts are THE BEST!!! he is amazing, I never had any doubts that he would be....


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