this baby is ruining my blog.

The question right now is can I blog whilst my breast friend enjoys some lunch. We will find out. It's kind of a cross between one handed typing and really piss poor two handed typing. Wish me luck.

Big boy is officially one month old.

I'm torn on this whole blogging thing right now because while I want to Ron Burgundy "shout it from a mountain" all my love for this little man and show all the pictures of the most photographed baby alive, I promised myself years ago that my blog would never be a "look who had a their first family walk" type thing. I also promised myself I wouldn't wear granny panties ever but things have changed (and certain areas need more coverage right now than they used to, but I digress).

I don't want to be a mommy blogger but I'm starting to think I don't have a choice.
1. He's too adorable to not post a million pictures of.
2. I really have nothing else going on.
3. See number 1 again.

So, bottom line, I'll do a better job updating this thing now that Sam and I are in a routine and I've found out that I can successfully type on this with a human attached to my chestle region (I'm sure that breaks about a million breast feeding laws), but fair warning, things like "Oh em gee, what a big pooper we are" are about to become normal life on here. I wish I had a choice but my hands are tied by his quadruple chin and rolls that go on for days.

A few from this week.

I am officially "that mom" with "that blog".


  1. I love a quadruple chin, glad you are sharing! If I ever update my blog again, you will be happy to know that my little gal has a quad chin if her own! Rolls galore! Cheers to mommy blogging!!!

  2. SUSIE!!! I cannot handle how damn cute he is! Those cheeks! Those leg rolls! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

  3. Love it! He looks like Lucy. I don't think anyone will mind if it turns into a mommy blog :)

  4. I think we'll forgive you! I'd love to see more of your cutie!

  5. As a long time reader of the blog, I am glad to see pictures of your beautiful family. To me, it still feels like the same blog, just with pictures of a tiny human. You still have the same point of view and wit, you still talk about chuck's antics, and you still post great pictures. Basically, it's still the same blog I love, but now made even better by the addition of Sam. I'm looking forward to seeing the craziness that unfolds :)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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