this is what i'll be giving birth to.

I mean, conservative guess here, but I'm thinking there's a 60% chance that Sam comes out doing the truffle shuffle and offering Baby Ruth's to the surgical staff. Not realistic? Why? Do you think he's just going to eat the Baby Ruth's himself? Yeah, you're probably right.

Ok fine. Here's a better guess. What we have here are pictures of Chuck, just home from the hospital. He's about 5 days old. Give or take two years, and right before he started shaving.

I think you just need to take a minute and let this sink in.
He is enormous. Look how he wraps around his Mom's body. There is no petite, delicate, fragile newborn. This is a man child. MAN CHILD. Chuck was 10 lbs 8 oz and 23 1/2 inches long.

Chuck's Mom found the measurement card the hospital sent home with Chuck, and he and Sam's measurements are pretty close, except for the part where Sam is measuring slightly BIGGER.

Ok, so I've had a few people ask about these said measurements and how the doctors determined that I should be gutted like a fish, rather than try and push a toddler through my pelvis. There are three categories (from what we gather) that our hospital/doctors use to determine if a large baby is "too large" and likely to get stuck.

1. Mom's belly size, specifically the fundus, which is my favorite word ever. Why have we ever called it uterus, when fundus is so much fun-dus-er.
2. The estimated kilograms/pounds of the baby based on bone and belly measurements (they call it at 5,000 g or 11 pounds).
3. The difference in size between head circumference and belly.

Good news. We "qualify" on all three scales - which actually is good, because it feels like there isn't much of a question and no real "choice" to make. Winner winner, Sam ate the chicken for dinner.

1. My belly size is 3-4 weeks "ahead" - measuring at about 41 weeks when I was 38 weeks 3 days.
2. His estimated weight is 5,089 g or 11 lbs 3 oz.
3. When looking at the head versus belly size the "rule of thumb" is about 2.5 cm - as in, if the difference is under that, the kid will probably do just fine sliding out. More than 2.5, and the likelihood of him getting stuck at the shoulders is about 25%. Sam's difference is more than 7. Uh huh. SEVEN. When Chuck was born, his head to belly difference was 5, which explains why he got stuck and his Mom had a c-section too. Apparently, this is a family thing. I'm sending complaints to their gene pool.

So, take a look back at those pictures of Chuck and thank god along with me that they aren't even going to try and let that through my birth canal. And now we are just 40 short hours away from meeting our Chunk.

Question: how big will he be?!


  1. 40 hours?!?!?! This is about to get real...

  2. 10lbs, 2 ounces

  3. Good luck!! I'm sure you're so excited.

  4. Okay, I admit it. I was skeptical. But . . . HOLY MOLY . . . 10 lbs, 15 ounces?!?! LIKE A BOSS!!! :D


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