that only took 2 1/2 weeks.

We are getting off to a great start on this parenting thing...

So the good news from tonight is that we only got a few feet away from the car before remembering we have a baby and should probably bring him into Baskin Robbins with us. Don't judge. Ok. You can judge a little.

And count it. It only took 2 1/2 weeks before our parenting skillZ completely failed. I don't know if I'm disappointed we didn't last longer, or suprised we lasted as long as we did.

In our defense (like there is one), Sam is a really baby and he's super quiet and super chill (he obviously takes after his mother...). Also it was a party of two around here for 12 YEARS so it still feels weird at times that it isn't just us. And just us used to go get ice cream alone all the time. Lastly, we are horrible, horrible people.

Does any of this justify accidentally forgetting you have a baby?
Can I plead new parent syndrome?
Someone tell me they've done something similar or know someone who's done something similar. Or just lie and make something up and make us feel better.

We did only make it to just past the bumper of the car before I burst into laughing hysterics realizing what we (almost) did - forget the baby in the car. We actually joked about this happening the other day when he slept through our field trip to Arby's (it was delicious and helps with baby weight loss) but I never thought we'd actually almost do it. And then tonight happened.

Don't call CPS yet. Give us a few more tries with him.


  1. Seriously could he get any cuter? Just wait for the day when you lock him in the running car and it is sunny out. Talk about a major parent fail. I may or may not have done it :-)

  2. Yup I've done it before. My 20 month old twins are loud so its not like I can forget them but my 9 week old is an angel. I'm constant checking my rear view mirror to make sure ive still got her.

  3. I see a little bit of cousin Lucy in his face! Cuuuuute!

  4. Funny that I figured you fod a menchies girl


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