sam's birth pics. it's a lot.

I realize this is starting to turn into a Mommy blog.

In my defense, I have yet to "review" a baby item and tell you why it's the best AND, also, this blog has always been about what is going on at the Allison house. What's going on right now is baby. Eventually the excitement of our new toy will wear off (nope. never.) and we can go back to antics. OR, better yet, we've just created an accomplice to our antics. Win win win.

I decided early in the pregnancy that I didn't want to do a maternity photoshoot, which is funny since I do maternity photoshoots and love taking them. But for us, it didn't feel right.  Also, I had a pretty massive double chin in my pregnancy and funny enough, I didn't need that memory captured professionally.

What I wanted was pictures of Sam coming into the world. Photos of the new addition fresh out from lock up and of family and friends meeting baby for the first time. I would love to take these pictures for myself but apparently, I was going to be busy. Turns out, that was true and I was a tad busy at Sam's birth.

So we hired Amy Walton.

Amy is amazing. I met Amy sometime in late high school, early college and have watched her photography career start (she had a mere point and shoot at my wedding) to becoming one of the premier wedding photographers in the Seattle area (she did Emy's wedding). I knew if I was going to have someone join us for this uber intimate time, it was Amy or bust.

Thank God timing worked out and Amy was able to come photograph the event.

I will cherish and treasure the memories of Sam's birth, and have the pictures to help fill me in on some of the gaps. Once Amy left, my Dad did an amazing job continuing to take pictures - he knew how important it was to me. I'll make note in the massive on slot of pictures when we switch from Amy to PK.

I apologize, as always when I do this, for the massive dump of pictures. Obviously, I don't actually feel bad, it's more of a "sawreea" than a sorry, but still.

Sam's Birth.





And now PK will finish it up.



  1. I love these! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are the best!! The pictures of you and your mom and your mom seeing Sam make me cry, happy tears!! What a lucky little boy!

  3. I love these photos! So precious! Very beautiful moments.


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