practicing before baby comes. obviously with the cat.

So much good news to report.

1. The front pack works.
2. Jack did not hate it.

This picture is at about minute 4 in the front pack, which is basically an eternity for a cat to be shoved into a baby carrier. I emphasize that he really did not hate this. Had I not started blowing him up with my camera flash like he was a Kardashian cat, this probably could have lasted a considerable amount of time.

Please to make sure you note the front paw coming through the opening and his chicken legs out the back. He is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. If the baby is even half as cute as he is, I will die. I'm pretty sure statements like that will ensure that Baby Sam and Jack are arch nemeses.

And FYI, that chalkboard in the background is a tad old and my fat, waddling buh-hind just does not have the energy to change it. We are 37 weeks and don't we know it.

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  1. Poor Jack - No matter how much you love him, he won't touch Sam's toenails when you stack em side by side. Sad that cats are the practice for how much a heart can love - but Babies just bury them in that department and the cat - owner thing is never the same


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