one month to d-day.

We are 30 days to d-day.

No, I'm not having night terrors yet about labor. I still believe fairies will come and gently extract baby from me and all will be well and happy and terrific. Clearly, my favorite hobbies right now are baby crafting, dreaming of baby, and lying to myself. Whatever. I'm super fine with it.

As far as being ready for what's coming in the next 30 days...we have officially finished birthing classes so I guess that means we are at least somewhat "prepared" for what is about to happen (?). Or at least the prepared you feel as a first time parent that is making all you seasoned veterans giggle at me. At least I can be of comic relief for you. "Oh she has no idea."

Side note about birthing class: Chuck and I should never be allowed to take classes together. I had forgotten that there was a reason we never took a single college class together, even at the 100 level. We are not even close to mature enough to handle the subject matter of birthing class, first off, and then sitting by each other during class is not a good call. Had it been socially acceptable for us to sit apart during class, we would have done so or been separated. As a teacher, I would have separated us.

For example, my blurted out answer of "Vampire Diaries" for coping mechanisms during the early stages of labor got one giggle in a room of 26. You can guess where that giggle came from. And during the first birth video, Chuck rubbing my back and saying "you just let your inner goddess fly" is why I'm pretty sure he will be the first husband kicked out of the delivery room for UNfocusing the mother-to-be. These are just tip of the ice berg.

By the end of class one, we could barely look at each other and had angled our chairs so that we weren't sitting perfectly next to each other anymore, which helped our behavior. We had also each separately come up with nicknames for key people in our class and most of our nicknames matched - we are soul mates. For example, there was Super Bad girl (she looked like Michael Cera's love interest), Super Inappropriate Guy (who at one point in the first class burped in my ear so naturally we sat by that couple at every class just to see what he would do), and Jennifer Lawrence (who eventually became "Uh huh" girl because she was one of those people who constantly agrees, sighs, etc with the person speaking).

Clearly, we are terrible people and cannot handle serious situations. Or rather, we can, we just do so in a totally unprofessional and immature fashion. You should hear some of the things we said at the fertility clinic. Such good times.

We filled out our birth plan a few days ago and for the question "What kind of environment do you want to create during labor?" we basically came up with nothing. Well, nothing that we were willing to write down on a birth plan. We chose "relaxed" as our word. As in, from what we've seen of ourselves under pressure with infertility, we like to keep things pretty relaxed. We'll see how that goes. I've already got a gift packed for the poor nurse stuck with us. Bless her soul and probably pray for her.

Well, that's about all for today. Here is my 35 week picture. Week 36 begins on Friday so let the countdown to Baby Allison begin (he better not over stay his welcome or try for a late check out.)


  1. You look ALL-baby, Susie! Very excited for you. :)

  2. Birthing class is a totally appropriate forum for inappropriate comments! When asked what expectations the fathers had of their unborn baby, Mark replied, "That it doesn't look like the Milkman."

  3. Look at that sweet belly! So cute!

    At our birthing class we played, "who would we hang out with if we were forced to pick." It was not an easy choice.

  4. you look absolutely adorable, and how I wish I could have been in that class.....HILARIOUS!!!


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