how-to: making a mobile for dirt cheap.

Ok so I warned you that a few how-to's were coming. If you are not interested in bonding with your inner Martha today, then move right along. Sawrreeeaaa.

So I think most of you know or have gathered through the years that whilst I may love Nordstrom with all my heart and soul, I am for sure a miser deep down. Bottom line, if I had the option of spending money or storing it in a tower and swimming in it (I love you Scrooge McDuck), I would swim in it. And then bath in hand sanitizer, obviously. Let's be real.

That's part of the reason I made a lot of the stuff for Baby Sam's room. I just can't justify spending money on something I know I can make cheaper. But my crafting rule hath always been, if I can't make it for less, then buying it just became a-ok. Hence the ridiculous amount I spent on drawer knobs for his room. And he will never appreciate them. I know this. He's a boy. I'm sure in three to five years I will be asked if they can be traded out for Lego Star Wars men. I will be devastated even though I see it coming already.

The other part is that I'm a taaaaadddd specific on how things need to be sometimes. That's the nicest way I can say super Type A and anal. Emphasis on super. When I get set on how I want something to be, it better be that way or good luck everybody and sorry Chuck.

This is what happened with the mobile.
Here is my final product and we will back up from there, even though making one is pretty self explanatory - I'm that in love with it. It gets it's own post. Just imagine how many posts Sam will the first day alone...

I love this style. It's all over Pinterest and I adore it. Thank god for Pinterest or I wouldn't know what my style was supposed to be... But every one that I found on Pinterest had something that I deemed "wrong" with it: price, pattern, colors, density. Picky, picky, picky.

Photo from here.

This was the closest one I found for color and matched my overly high expectations, but for my Sam's nursery it still wasn't quite right and I could never pull the trigger on it.

Photo from here.

 I saw a lot of this style on Pinterest and Etsy, but it's just not dense enough for me. Plus it has some of the nursery colors but not all. And, the nursery "theme" is colors AND patterns mismatched. C'mon people.  Obviously. Such a no brainer.

So I found a tutorial on Pinterest that seemed to be about what I was going for, but I knew I could "Susie-fy" it, and make it cheap and make it the right colors and patterns for Sam's room.

My total investment on this mobile was $20. That includes $14 for the hole punch. Now that I have the hole punch, I can make these for super cheap or lend the punch to you and you can make one for super cheap. You're probably going to get one for Christmas.

The supplies:

  • Lots of paper depending on how dense you want this mobile to be. You need card stock for sure to make the circles heavy. I matched the card stock with a patterned scrapbook paper. That's me. I had 16 pieces of paper total which worked for my mobile.
  • Double stick tape
  • Fishing line
  • Embroidery hoop - you use the inside of the two hoops, the one that DOESN'T have the clasp that opens the hoop. Chuck lovingly spray painted mine white. I can send him to you.
  • Hole Punch. I ended up with a 2 1/4 inch hole punch and that was a perfect size for me. But...this first picture is actually a lie. That is not the hole punch I ended up using. That one is a Martha Stewart hole punch from Michael's. I figured it would be amazeballs since her royal highness of crafting had her name on it. Um, no. My first graders can cut circles better than that thing. I wish that was an exaggeration but it's not. That hole punch is magnetic so it can cut a circle on any spot in the paper. This would be great if it didn't mangle the circles in the process. I wanted circles, not chewed up holes. I returned it and bought this one from Amazon and it was life changing. Always says something about your life when things like hole punches are life changing.

 Punch your holes. Here are my pretty little maids all in a row (name the movie).

Start assembling. This is where a fully stocked DVR comes in real handy. I got a lot of Grey's Anatomy watched during this process (yes, I still watch that show. It's like my marriage: I've invested way too much time to just walk away and not find out how it ends.). To assemble, cut a string of fishing line. Tape it to something hard. I started with this book but eventually moved to the kitchen table. Lay each circle down one at a time and add two pieces of double stick tape in a cross shape. Stick to the fishing line and cover carefully with your other circle. Keep each circle pretty close to the next one. Mine were touching. Each of my circles is one part card stock, one part scrapbook paper.

Tie the fishing line to the hoop. I also ran two pieces of fishing line through the middle of the hoop so I could have some hanging down from the center.

And just keep repeating until it looks right to you.

The end.


  1. Sign me up for one, please, thanks.

  2. Susie!!! I made the same mobile for Camilla. I went the rainbow themed route since we didn't know the gender, he/she was going to be gay, as in happy, either way, so it worked.

    Yours turned out beautifully. How hard was glueing the fish wire onto the ring perfectly? That was my biggest challenge.

    I still pray each night that that thing doesn't fall onto her head.

    The end is near... ;)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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