finally. it's nursery time.

It should be of no surprise to you that I'm blogging right now. It's Spring Break and I am having a wonderful time. Apparently, the weather did not get the memo that it is Spring Break, but my heart did, skipped a beat, and I am in Vacation Susie mode. And as we all know, Vacation Susie is the best Susie there is.

The nursery is finally "done". I use the term done as loosely as possible. It's done in the sense that it is adorable and decorated and so cute I want to marry it. It is not, however, a fully functioning baby room with things like wipes and diapers and creams. I'll get right on that. Whatever. I have plenty of time, no rush. It's not like I'm a month from my due date or anything...(wink).

I'm pretty stinking proud of how this nursery came out. It wasn't cheap cheap to put together - I'll be honest - but it was done on a budget and doesn't fall into the ridiculous category of "who could ever afford this" (that should be a separate sub category on Pinterest). It's not a Mercedes, but it's definitely not a Geo Metro. Think Subaru?

A fair share of things in this room were homemade/crafty/DIY - choose your term - and since I am blessed to be in Vacation Susie mode and have all the time in the world (except not - I swear I'm busier when I'm not working...chew on that), I'll post some how-tos throughout the week. Most of my projects involve having a lot of shows backlogged on your DVR, so that's step one for all my how-tos.

At the bottom of the post, I'll list where some of the big items are from for those of you who are curious.

Also, Jack was super excited about nursery picture taking day. You'll see.

I l-o-v-e this banner. Mostly because I made it and making it involved sewing it. I know. Pick your jaw off the floor and we can continue the nursery post. The formula for how to make them was perfected by sister-in-law Nan and my mother-in-law provided the necessary parental supervision of me using a machine with needles.

My school BFF Maggie (the one who wore a globe and played pregnant with me on twin day) drew these animals on printer paper. Then I traced them on scrapbook paper, glued them onto gray card stock and put them in cheap Michael's frames. Win.

We found these frames at TJ Maxx in the clearance aisle for $3 each. Nothing feel better than a TJ Maxx win and you know what I'm talking about. That is a high that you just can't get elsewhere. Chuck spray painted them white since I'm with child and we also painted an old mirror that went with my dresser from college. Half the printables were stolen from Pinterest and half were made by me in Photoshop because I'm that nerdy. The cat paw and tail are accent pieces.

Aunt Nan made the bumper - which looks solid light blue but is actually a pattern - and Grandma Vicky made the crib skirt. I super lucked out with those two.

When Shelley was pregnant with Lucy, I found this rocking chair, stripped it, sanded it into submission, and stained the life out of it. It was in Lucy's nursery and now it's in Sam's. I like that a whole lot.

These were plain IKEA curtains that I had always had in this room. Chuck's Mom spiced them up. She's so crafty.

And my biggest splurge in the room was...knobs. I know. Knobs. The dresser is from IKEA but I wanted to make it look a little more special that just IKEA. So, I went to Anthropologie (always so budget friendly...) and bought mismatching knobs to give it a little something extra. It was $70 in knobs, which sort of makes me want to vomit. Then, when I see how cute it is, I forget all about it because it is freaking adorable.

I love this style of mobile, but they are not cheap (says the girl who spent $70 on knobs). I couldn't find anything online that even remotely matched the room or was anywhere near what I was willing to pay. So I made this one. The hole punch broke the bank at $15, plus $5 for the other supplies. Good news is, now I own the whole punch and can make these for super cheap.

I am sorry, but he is the most stunning creature I have ever seen. Just. Plain. Gorgeous. BTW, he is super excited about being a big brother, and obviously, I mean not at all, world ending, good luck kitten.

So that's the room. I still have a few things to pick up - like a pillow for the rocking chair - but overall, we are done. I'll post the how-to on the banner and the mobile this week, mostly as proof that yes, I did make them.

Here's the list of where everything is from, in case you are interested. If you're not, then smell ya later.


  1. Lovin' the nursery! And the TJ Maxx deal, unreal. I would have been just as excited :)

  2. So adorable! Please adopt me so I can live in that room.


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