so i turned 30 yesterday.

R.I.P. Susie's 20s. 2003-2013.

Oh people. My twenties are no more. I'm moving into my thirties gracefully. And by gracefully I mean some light kicking and screaming and slight exaggeration of the dire straights I'm now in.

I've basically spent the last month, nope whole school year, complaining to my first graders about my looming thirty-dom. I've conveyed the devastation, the hurt, the loss I feel and they have been a great audience. Actually, they have been really reassuring with things like "Oh, my daycare lady is 39 and she's just fine." I love them so much especially when I hype up a non-issue like this.

Here is a birthday card I got from one of my lovelies yesterday. I slightly died when she gave it to me, along with 77 cents (which I will be tactfully returning).

The focus here is the line, "I know you are a little upset about turning 30! I think 30 will be an awesome age."

You know what, little one? I agree. I loved my twenties dearly - so many great life moments in my twenties - but let's be honest, with Big Boy on the way, 30 already feels pretty darn great.

See ya later twenties. I'm off to bigger and better things.

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  1. Happy Birthday Susie! Something tells me there was no sumo wrestling at your party...


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