week 26: food.

Please to notice in the above picture, I'm using the term "lovin'" not cravin'. I just haven't had any "I need pickles and ice cream at 1 am or I'm going to die" moments yet. I mean, I had really looked forward to the day when I'd make Chuck drive to Seattle to get me a Dick's burger before I lost my mind, but this has not happened yet. I feel like, as with most things pregnancy, Hollywood may have lied or embellished things slightly. At least for me.

The only moment close to a true Hollywood craving was an incident at QFC where, after walking around the store with a gallon of milk, said milk was immediately opened after purchase and chugged from the bottle in front of Red Box. I can only hope that moment was a visual treat for all other shoppers. I know it was for Chuck.

And you may also be shocked to see that McDonald's isn't listed on my preferred menu. I know, me too. Had I been a betting man, I would've guessed that me pregnant would have guaranteed a stock price increase. Like, probably could've been caught by the SEC for insider trading after buying stock post pregnancy test.

Sadly, that has not been the case. I did dabble in the occasional Egg McMuffin in the first trimester, and attempted a cheeseburger maybe once or twice. Fun fact: once you throw up a completely UNdigested cheeseburger back into the bag whilst in rush hour traffic, things change.

I'm reasonably sure my complete aversion to McDonald's has been God's way of protecting Sam from his mother. Apples, yogurt, and oranges are probably a safer bet, though I'm pretty certain the amount of chocolate I add to the milk negates all nutritional value.

We still have a whole new trimester just a week away, so here's hoping I get to send Chuck on an emergency run for seedless watermelon sometime soon.


  1. I am laughing so hard at the milk incident - why? Because I can totally relate! When I was pregnant with Miriam, all I wanted was milk... in fact, during the last 2 months of my pregnancy, I could not stand any solid food, with the occasional exception of watermelon, and I literally lived on about a gallon of milk a day! Jason would have to go to the grocery store every other day and come home each time with 2-3 gallons of milk for me. Pregnancy is so weird! But pretty awesome, too :)

  2. watermelon and pregnancy go together like peanut butter and jelly in my book. many a tear were shed when I would cut open a bad one.


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