totally normal work day.

School was amazing today. Thanks so much for asking.

Today just really had everything going for it, and it was kind of not fair to the other days. It was a Friday. There was an assembly. It was decorate our Valentine's day mailboxes day - you remember how awesome that is - and it was TWIN DAY.

Your work has a Twin Day right? For work place spirit? No. Ok.

I'm not going to lie to you. Work BFF Maggie and I nailed it. I mean, like really, really nailed it. And we knew it. It was a good feeling since I had figured earlier in the year that Twin Day was probably out for me. I don't exactly fit into many of my clothing items, let alone an outfit that a friend has. These are the kind of tough work place dilemmas that I deal with: Can I participate in a dress up day?

But that's why we have and love Work BFF Maggie. She had a vision. And she nailed it. Did I already say that? The nailed it part? So much effort to go back, delete, and rephrase. Almost as much as writing these unnecessary sentences.

Nothing makes a pregnant girl feel better than her friend stuffing a maternity shirt with a blow up globe and being fake with-child and huge for her. Of course, in exchange for that Mags teased my hair and eyeliner'd me. The best part was that the kids knew exactly who Maggie was twins with because of the belly and exactly who I was twins with because of the hair and makeup.

One kiddo did ask Maggie "Aren't you supposed to have a husband and get married before you have a baby?"

Best twin day ever.

Also, Maggie got a lot of real world pregnancy experience today. Clearly.

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