thanks chuck. good to know.

Let's just say we've maybe hit the week of the meltdowns in this pregnancy.

I have been many things during this pregnancy - sick, hungry, expansive - but highly That's just not me and has never been me. Things I've never been called in my life: tall, humble, emotional. Unless you count "lack of emotion" or "void of emotion." I've also been called other synonyms for this, but let's keep it G-rated, huh?

Anywho. Things went a little down hill this week. I may have sobbed in the kitchen after accidentally burning onions whilst caramelizing them for tacos. At that moment in my life, it was the biggest tragedy ever to occur. Also, Chuck may have received one hysterical phone call after I burned six fingers - that's possible - and nearly sliced off my thumb - only took off the nail - in the span of five minutes. Here's a cooking tip: Dishes straight out of the oven need to be moved with a hot pad lifter.

Like I said, it's been a week. I'm super hoping that I can make it through the upcoming week without Jack licking tears off my face. That was a low point.

Another fun meltdown I had this week was over...wait for it...a bow. I'm sure this makes so much sense. Obviously you've cried over not being able to make a bow for the top of a gift. I know I'm not alone here.

Ok, so maybe I am.

Well, it wasn't going well. I wanted it to go well. Reality was not meeting expectation and *that* that right there seems to be the best recipe for a good Susie sob fest these days.

There may have been a few foot stamps as I stomped over to the computer to get my lover, Pinterest, to help with the problem. Chuck was watching all this - and loving it because who doesn't love watching a good meltdown over nothing? - but then as I flipped open the laptop, he groaned.

My background picture of me and "The Girls" from this summer was gone.
Chuck had replaced it with this:

I gave him an "OH! Really?" and went right to Pinterest.

Chuck was devastated. It was kind of like scolding a cat for bringing you a dead bird. That bird was a gift, much like this screen shot of him letting me know that after two years of ownership, good news, the webcam we never use, or will use, works.

Chuck did a big 'ol huffy breath and said "You would've thought this was funny any other time! You just had to find it now."

I said back, already knowing this would be happening, "Oh don't worry, I'll put it on the blog and everyone can see how funny you are."

So there you go.

I do wish I had found this some other time because there probably would have been wettening from laughing. But, it did stop the meltdown, so maybe it did serve it's purpose.

 And now Chuck and his "dead bird" have been properly thanked for the lovely gift.


  1. I coupled the third trimester with my first Christmas in Mexico. Rough. It may or may not have involved me sobbing in bed on Christmas morning because there were no cinnamon rolls.

  2. I think Chuck's dead bird is TOOOO funny! :)


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