whale status achieved

We'll start with a picture so you have a visual to go along with this post. It'll make things go a little smoother for this rant.

I get it people. I'm huge.

I'm apparently 22 weeks going on 47. In my defense, I'm carrying pretty similar to how Fe did - right out front, second star on the left, straight on 'til morning. Genetics are a you-know-what.

What I SUPER love right now is the non-stop comments about my belly size to weeks along ratio. Like I need to be reminded how big I am by every person I see. Thanks much for the "Oh Em GEEEE you are huge!" comments, like I suddenly forgot why I'm waddling around and needed to be reminded of it.

My question is, if people can now comment on my belly size, am I allowed to comment on theirs? The way I see it, if you can say something, I can say something. Because let's be honest, for some reason the nine months women are pregnant become the one time it's somehow "acceptable" to comment on their weight. If fair is fair, than that same nine months is the one time it's acceptable for us to comment on yours. What? Too far? Too much? Too harsh? My bad.

I couldn't care less how I'm carrying or how big I am for 22 weeks. He's healthy. I'm healthy. And I'm gaining better appreciation for Shamu each day.


  1. Hi~ I found your blog via another blog and was instantly hooked by your humor. Much like my TV friends from my favorite shows (you know, my friends Will and Grace, Meredith and Derrick...), you have become my blog friend, and I have missed your writing the last few months.
    You look beautiful! And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to comment on other people's weight now. Well, it was acceptable to me to tell my father-in-law that he was looking huge, too, EVERY SINGLE TIME he said it to me. But it's most effective when said with a straight face or a little sneer, if I do say so myself! Hang in there!!

  2. I say comment away! I had lots of comments when I was preggers with Emmett, but the worst was the man at Bartells who passed me in the candy isle (surprise, surprise) and asked me if "the baby wanted some candy?!?" WTH? I had to have a chat with E about strangers while still in my belly. gross.

    You look great Mama, rock that belly!

  3. Cutest preggers woman ever! And I'm sooo happy you're blogging again. You better keep it up after baby is born...You won't be busy at all, right?! :) Heehee!

  4. I'm glad you're not worrying about it... people always comment one way or the other (too big or too small). Most of the time, it's just the way the babe sits. I think you look fantastic. :)

  5. insert a very jamie-esque sperm whale comment here.

  6. Susan, we all know that eventually one of you would get fat...and that it wasn't going to be Charles. But I think of it as you now have more to love!! Hope everything is still going well for you and the alien ninja.

  7. You look adorable!! When I was pregnant with Blaire I was ginormous(how do you spell that?) Anyway, by the end I couldn't even touch my fingers in front of my belly...that is freekin' big. People I didn't know would stop, pat my belly and ask "twins?" when I was um, 30 weeks along!!!!! I hear you. But she was a big healthy baby! I am almost 20 and will probably reach whale status very quickly...enjoy the ride!!

  8. You're beautiful! Enjoy this magical time while it lasts. And once baby is born, after some time, you'll get back to fighting weight and those other people will still be ridiculously stupid.

  9. Oh Susie... you are adorable!! I love getting to catch up on your blog. When I finally get a free minute or two (and really that is all I seem to squeeze in these days), this is the first place I come. :)
    With all 3 of my girls, I carried straight out as well. My fave was when the strangers would come up and rub my belly as if it was somehow acceptable. I just started doing it right back to them. Good times and memories made there for sure! Can't wait to see your little Sam! Enjoy the journey! Congrats!!


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