This is Sam.
I realized I may have forgotten to tell you the name we picked. Not surprising. In the last few weeks, I've been corrected on the date, lesson being taught in math, and how to spell certain words. And those are just things my first graders have caught. Chuck's list is a tad longer. Things are getting real around here.
We've decided to name him Sam.
We've also decided on multiple reasons why we are naming him Sam. People pretty consistenly ask if Sam is a family name and we could say "No, we just liked it." Or, we could say "No [insert one of the following reasons].
  • We're big fans of Patrick Swayze's performance as Sam Wheat in Ghost.
  • We can't get enough of Ted Danson's character Sam Malone on Cheers.
  • The way Sam Elliot narrated The Big Lebowski was life changing.
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Samuel Adams
  • Mark Twain
Obviously we, would never respond so sarcastically. That would be terrible and would make us terrible people/parents.
Ok. Fine. Fine. Fine.
We picked Sam because it just felt right to us. Something about the name is so peaceful to us, so happy, so nice. Maybe you know a mean Sam or two, but I haven't met a one. Neither has Chuck.
Officially, he will be Samuel. We kicked over Sam Yule as his first name, middle name (no we didn't), but ultimately decided to go with Samuel Kerry Allison.
Kerry is my Dad's name. I feel a little like this is showing you the wizard, since we only refer to him as PK on this blog thing. PK's one of those people who goes by their middle name. I won't tell you what the "P" stands for so we can keep some sort of mystery going on here, but now you know the "K". Dad is so important in my life and already is in Sam's. I couldn't imagine not having Kerry be his middle name.

So there you have it.
Samuel Kerry Allison is 24 weeks now. He's a big dancer apparently and enjoys doing beautiful routines in my belly every 2 hours. He's a winner and we are already beyond in love with our little Sam.  


  1. Love the name Sam! So cute. I'm sort of a fan of simple and classic names:)

  2. You look awesome! Sam is my brother's name and he is great!

  3. Love love love the name, and you look so darn adorable!

  4. Congratulations! My "real" name is Samantha, but I've been going my Sam my entire life. Good name :)


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