my brother gives amazing gifts.

Let's talk about what my brother got us for Christmas. Yes, I know that Christmas was two weeks ago. Even my raging case of pregnancy brain comprehends that (side note: I am literally the dumbest person on Earth right now. We can talk more about this later, but I probably won't remember.).

The gift got a little delayed in the mail. These things happen. Good news is they arrived yesterday.

And they're glorious.

Those would be paintings of Fe's cats, Bruce and Newman (Newman is a girl cat), and Jack. Obviously he found the company that makes these via Sky Mall. I mean, where else would you find this?

They are stunning.
I love my brother.


  1. wow. He's almost turned me into a cat lover. The likeness to Jack's wide-eyed "thinking of jumping of the banister" stare is amazing.


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