place your bets

I kept meaning to take a 19 week belly picture this week to commemorate the last week we refer to the baby as "it", but that ship hath sailed. Chuck is at work (sucker), and Jack is still pulling the no opposable thumbs crap. If I was really dedicated, I'd set up the tripod and the timer, but since it's 10 am and I just now took a shower, that kind of hard work feels a tad too ambitious. I mean, I didn't even take this with one of my good cameras. It's a cell phone pic. I iz that lazy.

Anywho. Tomorrow is the 20 week ultrasound and baby better be ready to give us a peep show. We have no inclination or preference or anything that would suggest we "know" the gender of baby 2053 2013, but we have done some math and the way we figure it, we got a 50/50 chance at boy or girl. Feel free to check our arithmetic.

So, come one come all. Is this poor child a boy or a girl? Here are some of my old wives tale symptoms, just so you know:
  • I was horribly morning sick for the first trimester. It was a ball of giggles.
  • I'm carrying the way Fe did - straight out in front and not much going anywhere else.
  • No acne (don't know who I paid off to avoid that gem but I'll take it)
  • I'm not too into salty or sweet these days, but I am eating oranges like they are going out of style.
  • Chuck isn't gaining weight along with me, but we all knew that wouldn't happen. I'm a mere 9 pounds shy of Mr. Allison at this point.
We'll let you know tomorrow, assuming the world doesn't end before our 2:00 appointment. I'm pretty fine with it ending after that appt - so long as I get to go down knowing the gender of the baby.

Place your bets.


  1. GIRL. That was my first instinct :)

  2. GIRL. just because we need the variety.

  3. BOY. Because that's what I thought was coming to ME.

  4. I'm thinking it's a BOY :)

  5. I'm going Girl because I craved oranges with Lauren too:) Either way- you can't go wrong:)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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