i'm officially sigourney.


I know that I look like this. But on the inside I'm starting to feel a little more like this:

OK so persmaps that's just slight hyperbole, and I totally get that I'm not even at the "oh look, there's a foot" phase, but being kicked from the inside does take some getting used to. Beautiful, right, but also a little creepy. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just saying I've for sure been taken over and it's a different experience.

Also in the different experiences category is the rearranging of my insides. The one I'm super loving is having my large intestine shoved just under my chesticle region. I super appreciate feeling my you-know-what traveling through my upper body. It's a delight.

Chuck says my body is just changing.
He also says my body is a wonderland and that John Mayer taught him that.

And we're not even half way through this pregnancy at this point. I can only imagine where my body parts will end up by the time fairies come to get the baby out (that's how labor works, right?) and how many times I will have acted out the scene from Alien or the parody from Space Balls. I will beat those references into the ground by the time we're done with this.

Chuck is unclear by my chalkboard this week and decided to be the someone who is kicking. The man is a genius.

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