it's all about christmas 2022.

The real joy in these pictures is the foundation we are laying for a massive Christmas meltdown in 2022 when Lucy is a week from 14 (and Chuck is 40 and dying). Obviously we will force her to take her annual airplane picture with Bubba and obviously she will be thrilled. I doubt she will jump up and down on the bed in Santa pajamas so freaking excited about airplane with Bubba you'd think her baby-mind was going to explode. Just a guess.
Merry Boxing Day to you all!

lucy and the guinea pig

I was 10 weeks pregnant when I told Lucy she was getting a cousin.

Ok so that may seem a tad early to tell a small child, but in my defense, she practically beat it out of me. I was horribly morning sick that day, watching her at Fe and PK's house, and finally she said "Sister, what going on? You sick, but you not sick. What wrong with you?"

I explained that it was a parasitic baby sucking the life force from me. Confession: I may not have said it exactly like that, but pretty close. Anyways, she got the point but needed physical evidence so I showed her the 10 week ultrasound. You know, the one where it's just a blob of black and white and you smile and nod at Mom and Dad-to-be and say it looks beautiful? 3 1/2 year olds don't have that level of tact.

"Sister, you having a pig baby?"

"No, Lu, I don't think so, but fingers crossed."

"Oh, it gonna be the people kind?"

She did absolutely nothing to hide her disappointment that it was going to be a boring, old people kind of baby.

Later that day, she told Chuck that there was a baby in Sister's belly. She was thrilled to share the news - admittedly a little confused as to how Chuck already knew - so Chuck asked if she thought it was a boy baby or a girl baby.

"Oh I think it's gonna be a guinea pig."

And obviously we have done everything in our power to convince her that it was not a guinea pig. By do everything, I mean everything to help perpetuate this idea. We call it the guinea pig. We ask her about the guinea pig. She talks to the guinea pig.

On Tuesday, Chuck and I took her out to Snowflake Lane for a much needed play date. After telling us that being the Big Cousin sounded a lot like being a Superhero (and then describing in detail the outfit she will need for said superhero-ing), she made this shocking revelation:

"Sister. You and Bubba know people can't have guinea pig babies? Your getting a human baby."

It was devastating. 10 weeks of calling it the Guinea Pig and I was kind of thinking we were buying a cage and a running wheel not a crib. C'est la vie.

It's been a while since Lucy has been on the blog. She's 25 years old now (or turning 4 the first week of January). Loving preschool, very into "cooking", and fabulous.

penis penis penis vagina vagina vagina

Baby Allison is a ...
We are over the moon and couldn't be more excited. Mostly, we're excited about the hope that Baby will turn out to be more like Chuck than like me, ie: nicer, kinder, taller etc. At least that's the hope.
We are also 100% sure it is a boy - he made sure we saw those parts a whole lot on that ultrasound. He made it very apparent that himz is male.
We're set on the first name, but aren't quite ready to share it with the world as the middle name needs some tweaking. Once that's under control, we will let you know. But I can tell you on the first name front that when your parents are Charles and Susan you just don't get to be "Bentley" or "Dakota". And also when your male with a female sounding last name, you're gonna need a pretty male name. I just don't think "Jamie Allison" is going to work for our boy (sorry Jamie, I still love you more than Nordstrom).
Alright well, seeing how we are half way through this pregnancy thing and now that we know what "it" is, I guess we should probably start in on that nursery and other "prepping" for the baby. Also, how many words can I put in "quotes" in this post? It's like a grammatical drinking game. Anywho, we'll get right on that nesting train, eventually...

place your bets

I kept meaning to take a 19 week belly picture this week to commemorate the last week we refer to the baby as "it", but that ship hath sailed. Chuck is at work (sucker), and Jack is still pulling the no opposable thumbs crap. If I was really dedicated, I'd set up the tripod and the timer, but since it's 10 am and I just now took a shower, that kind of hard work feels a tad too ambitious. I mean, I didn't even take this with one of my good cameras. It's a cell phone pic. I iz that lazy.

Anywho. Tomorrow is the 20 week ultrasound and baby better be ready to give us a peep show. We have no inclination or preference or anything that would suggest we "know" the gender of baby 2053 2013, but we have done some math and the way we figure it, we got a 50/50 chance at boy or girl. Feel free to check our arithmetic.

So, come one come all. Is this poor child a boy or a girl? Here are some of my old wives tale symptoms, just so you know:
  • I was horribly morning sick for the first trimester. It was a ball of giggles.
  • I'm carrying the way Fe did - straight out in front and not much going anywhere else.
  • No acne (don't know who I paid off to avoid that gem but I'll take it)
  • I'm not too into salty or sweet these days, but I am eating oranges like they are going out of style.
  • Chuck isn't gaining weight along with me, but we all knew that wouldn't happen. I'm a mere 9 pounds shy of Mr. Allison at this point.
We'll let you know tomorrow, assuming the world doesn't end before our 2:00 appointment. I'm pretty fine with it ending after that appt - so long as I get to go down knowing the gender of the baby.

Place your bets.

it's xmas card time

Merry Christmas!
Love, Chuck, Susie and Baby 2053 2013
Feel free to pin this to your "Family Photography" Board on pinterest. 
Also, for the record, I don't know if we're more excited about the baby or the matching sweaters. Tough call.  

i'm officially sigourney.


I know that I look like this. But on the inside I'm starting to feel a little more like this:

OK so persmaps that's just slight hyperbole, and I totally get that I'm not even at the "oh look, there's a foot" phase, but being kicked from the inside does take some getting used to. Beautiful, right, but also a little creepy. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just saying I've for sure been taken over and it's a different experience.

Also in the different experiences category is the rearranging of my insides. The one I'm super loving is having my large intestine shoved just under my chesticle region. I super appreciate feeling my you-know-what traveling through my upper body. It's a delight.

Chuck says my body is just changing.
He also says my body is a wonderland and that John Mayer taught him that.

And we're not even half way through this pregnancy at this point. I can only imagine where my body parts will end up by the time fairies come to get the baby out (that's how labor works, right?) and how many times I will have acted out the scene from Alien or the parody from Space Balls. I will beat those references into the ground by the time we're done with this.

Chuck is unclear by my chalkboard this week and decided to be the someone who is kicking. The man is a genius.
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