chuck's being a big boy.

I've read it in about every baby book.

Well, every section of every baby book that I'm allowed to read. See, I have a teeny tiny tendency to invent side effects based on reading the side effects list they give with medication, so I was banned years ago from any sort of readings ups ons anything I take. Hence, since the baby books come with lists of everything you could feel when pregnant or could have happen to you or the baby, I was obviously banned from reading baby books. Chuck knows what he's doing. He's a professional Susie-wrangler.

So Chuck handles reading the baby books. He's reading them all.

I kid you not. I was itching my stomach like crazy last week, like I had freaking lice on it, and said, "Is this supposed to be happening?" "Yep. It's your skin stretching." My body is changing in ways I don't understand, but thank goodness Chuck does.

Anyways, what I have read about pregnancy talks super much about how the Dad can feel left out or neglected because of all the attention on Mom-to-Be. Like they can act out like the children they're supposed to soon be raising.

Obviously I'm not too concerned about this with Chuck. Well, hold that. Obviously, he's always acted like a child, so I don't expect some miraculous maturity improvement by May. Rome wasn't built in a day and it's looking like Chuck's maturity will take about a lifetime.

Case. Point.
Someone wants his own weekly pictures taken.

So appropriate.

Anyways, plenty of people have been asking how Father Charles is doing with his looming parenthood, so let it be known, he's doing great. Better than great. He's been running the house and my life since week 5 when I came down with a nasty case of "holy **** I'm growing a human" sickness which is just starting to go away, and now I've got a sinus infection and am basically an invalid. The plus side: my bed sores are coming in nicely, he's added several casseroles into his "what I can make without needing adult supervision" repertoire, and I love him more than ever for it all.

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  1. you think that "dooce" is a fabulous read?



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