who doesn't hate modern art?

Seriously, other than the people making modern art (and their moms), who actually likes modern art? That stuff is the worst.

I don't know what I hate more:
The pretentious-ness of it all (and don't get me wrong, I love being pretentious, I'm super pretentious - because I'm better than you - but even I have my limits). OR the fact that I have legitimately seen better work from my first graders than some of it. And not in a joking "haha a six year old could do that", but I have seen some seriously inspired work...especially if this is what we are comparing it to:

This was at the Musem of Modern Art (MoMA).

Dear MoMA,
This is not art. This is the IKEA LACK shelf and it's $14.99 - $16.99 depending on length. I'm not sure what was happening with your curator at the time of acquisition but you got had. I don't know who the artist is, but if I took a wild guess, they're an 18-21 years old, were moving apartments, lost the brackets to rehang this and sold it to you as art. Tough break.

Do you see what I mean here?

It was ridiculous. And I'm know I'm not the only one, because a post like this about not "getting" modern art is practically blog rhetoric. I don't really care. I'm not here for breaking journalism.

But, IRregardless of how played out this topic is, I still want to show you some of the gems I found at MoMA. Because that place has some HIGHlarious art - I don't exactly think that's what they were going for though.


Loved this one.

It even came with a guard standing by it.
At first, I thought that's because 90% of the people I watched nearly tripped over it and who needs a modern art law suit. THEN, I realized it's because there's more. (Maybe that's what the artist was going for - there's more than meet the eyes in life. Jeez, I'm can't even fake type this garbage).

This should help you see it:

It's a fishing line that went floor to ceiling.
I can't make this stuff up.

If we are calling this art, then FYI I got a whole pile of art in my backyard. You can come see it for $25.

I'm gonna revisit my letter to MoMA re:IKEA and add to it a section for this piece.

Poor, poor MoMA,
Someone saw this idea on pinterest. Tried it. Didn't like it (because it's boring). And convinced you to take it off their hands. It's the same thing that's going to happen to most of us at Christmas when we all get and give pinterest gifts.

They're pages from a notebook.
Put in frames.
And hung together.
They're art.

And, finally, my personal favorite:

Uh huh.
I heard this one husband say to his wife "If this is art, then I make you art all the time at our house. Stop nagging me to finish my remodels, baby. I'm just giving you art." I loved him.

So that concludes our day at MoMA,

Yeah ok so we did see an awesome Jackson Pollock, Monet's Water Lillies, Picasso's Three Musicians and Starry Night, but sadly, this is what I will remember most because as amazing as Monet is, he's not nearly as funny as a piece of fishing line with its own security guard.


  1. When I went to NYC and went to the Met, in the modern art wing there was one that was a huge white canvas the size of the whole wall -- and on it was a big blue swipe of paint. It seriously just looked like someone was about to paint on the canvas and the brush tumbled out of their hands. Then "BAM!" on the wall in the MET and millions of people are seeing it. It pissed me off so badly!

  2. This is great- so so true! I just don't get how any of this can be classified as art! Kindergarteners totally make better art than this!

  3. Laughed out of my chair~ Thanks!!


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