vacation pictures round 2 ('cuz you can't get enough)

Look who's back and blogged two days in a row.

I'm not trying to sound uppity or boast about myself, but that is a three month record. And that is also probably not something to brag about, but when has that ever stopped me (I will brag about pretty much anything).

Since so many of you had nice things to say about my pictures from New York - the ones I posted yesterday - let's do another round today. But in the honor of keeping things balanced in my life, if yesterday I posted good

Sometimes it's not the easiest thing to go on vacation in a twosome.
Someone takes the picture. Someone stands awkwardly alone wondering what's taking so long. Some stranger pokes in and says "Can I take one for you two?"

This is the endless cycle of the twosome vacation. I hate it.

We decided to spice things up for this vacation and we made a little picture game.
Enjoy our pictures. They are UH-mazing. And watch your judging. Judging hurts.

Top of Rockefeller Center - views of the Empire State Building.

Statue of Liberty

New York City skyline from the ferry (with a nuun shout out).

Brooklyn Bridge

Fountain in Central Park (additional nuun shout out - shameless)

The Bull down by Wall Street

Starry Night at MoMA

Radio City Music Hall

Grand Central Terminal
Prometheus at Rockefeller Center

Be honest.You love our pictures. You want canvas prints of them.

How did this happen? I'm sure that's the real question. What was the thought process/conversation between us that prompted the "Hey let's block every important landmark in all our pictures" game. Well...

I'm not sure.
I'm not sure why we do anything.

I do know it started with the picture where Chuck blocked the Empire State Building and it definitely went down hill from there/got out of control.

And isn't really that the story of most things Chuck and I do?

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  1. i love it. and that cute summer floral dress you have on.


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