supporting my friend by exploiting her.

There really is nothing better than supporting your friends.
There's nothing better than showing them you care.
Letting them know you have their back no matter what.
Being there for them.

This becomes especially easy when your friend enters herself in a body building competition and wants you to come watch. Supporting your friend has never been easier.

I think I've rushed things a little here and need to back up.

You might recall that last Thursday when I awoke from the blogging dead that I mentioned my BFF Dania had practically forced me out of blogging retirement and as pay back for making me do "work", I would exploit her as I see fit.

Just for reminders, this is Dania:

Actually this is Dania (left) and Emy (right) but I thought it was such a gorgeous picture of these girls, how could I not? Plus, Emy needed a little blog shout out so....done. Also, I think having a baseline view of what Dania normally looks like will come in handy in about a minute of reading.

I cannot recall when exactly it was the Dania turned from "I manage a gym and am in good shape because I teach a lot of classes" to the corner of "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and "too far". But she did.

If I really try (which I rarely do), I'm thinking it was last winter sometime when this shift happened and she announced she would be entering a body building type competition. This made me incredibly happy. I'll explain in a little bit why it made me so happy. And it was probably for the wrong reasons.

Dania went down the fitness rabbit hole.
My friend who downs Wheat Thins by the box and Cherry Cokes by the case (none of this is hyperbole. Just the facts.) was suddenly eating boiled chicken and green beans in 2 hour increments while chugging a gallon jug of water every day.

Things got real.
Just looking at her made you hungry.

She was a work out machine.

I love her. I admire her for it. Maybe if I put half as much effort into exercising as I did to watch all three seasons of the Vampire Diaries, I'd be even a smidgen of Dania... But then again, I do not like boiled chicken. Or exercising. So I guess we are done with that thought process/paragraph.

Ok, so here is why I was super excited for Dania's body building.
(Other than supporting my friend and cheering her on and blah blah blah)

I've already been to a body building competition so I know what a hoot those things are. What?! I just never thought I'd get to say I've been to MULTIPLE body building competitions. This is what made me so happy. My life list just got way more interesting. Oh you back packed around Europe? Cool. I've been to two body building competitions. What now?

When did I go to my first one? Thanks for asking. If thou art a true blog reader (which there are about 5 left), then you may recall that my beloved sister did a body building competition many years ago (six to be exact).

I posted this picture on the blog a few years ago.
Also we are genetically related. I feel like that needs to be stated.

So, back to Dania.

Once little Miss Dania got herself Arnold ready, it was time for the competition. It was like Christmas morning for me. A really good Christmas morning, like the one when I got my Gameboy. Why? Because Body Building Competitions are amazing. They are like NASCAR, or Monster Truck Rallies, or Horse Races. You have to go to at least one in your life. Also I recommend taking one Chuck Allison with you, because if that guy sticks out normally - wait until you see him in a room of over tanned, over muscled men. Wowza.

It took Dania one glittery bikini, three spray tans, two body paints, and pack of fake eye lashes to make her competition ready.

Truth be told, I was so proud of her as she strutted onto that stage.

(And it was definitely a strut.)

She moved like an angel up there.

An orange angel, but still an angel.

Also, good news: Chuck only sang the Oompah Loompah song one time so he got a gold star on his behavior chart for the day.

Can we back things up a bit and remember that she had a KID 18 months ago.
Like a real human child came out of her.
She's a Mom. And she looks like that.

I know. I know.

Obviously, I didn't go to the competition alone - Jessica and her husband Michael came with. It was their first competitions - like they would miss this.

For the record, this is the whitest and fattest Jessica and I have EVER looked in a picture. I don't even want to post it but I have to because it's that outrageous. Apparently the camera and Dania's lack of carbs adds 10 pounds to us.

In the end, Dania took 2nd (which I think is a crime because she was clearly #1 up there) and we are all so proud of her and what she did. Obviously, I plan on force feeding her many cheeseburgers after this, but still, she did good.

And that is the end of me exploiting Dania on my blog.
At least for now.

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  1. it felt like i was there. i'm praying to the tanning gods that the oompa loompa will be attending the reunion this weekend in place of dania.


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