he's basically dead to me.

This terrible thing happened when I was on my blogging sabbatical. I'm ready to talk about it with you. It's been rough. It's been emotional. It's name is Chuck Allison turned 30 and that makes me want to die.

I am not trying to sound discriminating here, but I am 29 and maybe I don't wish to spend the last year of my prime with an old man. I mean, it's just a lot of pressure on me being all young and spry and trying to keep him active in his age. It's becoming too much.

Also, it throws a big kink into the look of this blog.
Maybe you've never noticed this little button I made for our blog back in 2009 when Chuck was 27 - it feels like a dream ago.

Note that it says TWENTY-SOMETHING.
FYI one of us is no longer a twenty something so this is officially a lie.
So in addition to having to be married to a thirty something, now I have remake this button, which is a PAIN, and c'mon, how much do I have to do for this guy now that I am basically just his arm candy?

Ok ok ok.
I get that thirty isn't that old. And that many of my blog readers have past that milestone, and all it signifies is the death of Chuck's youth, so no big deal.

Fine. Fine.

Let's get to the party.
Obviously we had a big 30th birthday party for Chuck. He's one of the oldest in our friend group (because someone was sooooo good at Kindergarten, he got to do it twice) so he's the first in a rapid succession of dominoes that will fall this year. I am second to last in this wave of 30, and thank God.

My girl friends would like it noted right about here that I will be the first of all the girls to fall, but we won't talk about that. Let's focus on Chuck's issues for the moment and leave mine to next March. K?

So, the party.
The basics were, we did a party at home because we are home people.

I made it as cutesy as I could for a "manly" 30th birthday party.
(I had to really censor myself as apparently, pom poms and glitter are not good for boy parties.)

Everyone pinned the same thing from pinterest so we had three of these:

But they were all adorable and great and hey, that's the risk we all knowingly run with pinterest.

It was a good party.

Oh and here's a funny story, I decided we should have sumo wrestling suits.

Chuck didn't know I was ordering sumo suits, so this is him being surprised by cousin Mark attacking him in suit. He knew something was "up" when he saw me with a tape measure poking around the house, which made him worried at first, but then hopeful because whatever I was doing, at least some sort of thinking was going into the planning of it.

Let's rewind a little bit and hold hands down "how did we get here" lane:
I started thinking of Chuck's 30th birthday and how I imagined it, and what I thought he'd want. Then, I thought "I should rent sumo suits". So I did. Alright so that wasn't exactly as good a story as I thought because really the idea just came to me (like divine intervention) and something about it just felt so right. Like, yes, sumo suits is exactly what should be at Chuck's birthday.

And that's that.

Chuck is 30.
The thing about 30 is it feels very legit and a little bit like he needs to turn in his key card for the young fun club, and pick up his membership to the maturity outlet. I'm not a 100% sure, I may be a bit biased, but I just don't feel like this guy screams maturity and 30-something.

That is his "crunk goblet". It comes out only for the classiest and most special of situations/occasions. Yes it says his name. His sister made it for him about 7 years ago.

And now we will begin the pictures.

Two of my favorite delicate flowers.
They are just plain dainty.

Let's tell this story, shall we? First of all, that is not happiness on my face. That is panic. Josh snuck up behind me, picked me up, and cousin Mark pushed the bottom half of the suit onto me. It was aggressive and violent.

So naturally I picked Chuck as my opponent.

(If you have a second, find Dania in the above picture. She is unexplainable.)

Here's a missed opportunity:
We should have taken our Christmas card picture wearing the suits. I know, I know. These are moments we will never get back.

Award for hands down the most intense and aggressive match up:

These two. You wouldn't know it by looking at those pretty faces.

It was on.

A few more pics,  then we're done, I promise. This is kind of like being forced to go through someone's vacation pictures/slideshow. Am I right? That is the worst. But seriously, you can't blame me for this. People only turn 30 once (or never as I won't) and that once was 2 months ago for Chuck so I kind of need to go overboard here.

Emy and I are celebrating our 13th year of friendship.
Our friendship is a seventh grader.

Josh flew in from Montana just for Chuck's birthday.
He is single and a gem. FYI.

Guess who has a giant cartoonish mouth, hair that we aren't sure if we are growing out or cutting, and learned how to use the grill on her own this summer? THIS GIRL. Lit it on my own. No adult or Chuck supervision.

So Libby (left) and Chuck have back-to-back birthdays (except that she is two years younger). So his birthday party was on her actual birthday but she is such a good sport she let him steal her thunder. She did ask for a pygmy hippo in return, and Chuck has not paid up.

Best friends are the best part of life. Period.

Chuck's BFF and soul mate Paul (and Shiann) came in from LA. They said they couldn't come, then got Saturday off, flew in, and decided to surprise us. Chuck has great friends who will apparently travel great distances to celebrate him. I'm not surprised. Chuck's a pretty nice guy and people tend to like him.

Truth be told, this is all Chuck wanted for his birthday. Friends and lawn games. I reasoned that sumo suits were lawn games. He's a simple man.

This is the "30 club". I was invited to take their picture, but not to sit with them.

Well, that's it.
Chuck's 30. I met him when he was 19 and remember his 20th birthday like it was yesterday, which is terrifying because that is for sure only something old people say.

Oh one more picture:

Now we're done.


  1. That last picture is epic! Hilarious!

  2. such a fun party! loved re-living it.

  3. Happy Birthday Chuck! That last picture will definitely be burned into my brain forever. Thank you?

  4. I'm totally renting sumo suits for The Candyman's next birthday.


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