i still love them.

Tonight, The Pioneer Woman is in Seattle.

Two years ago I waited in line four hours for the glorious moment when we would meet, exchange BFF necklaces, and our love would blossom. We didn't meet. I had to leave for a school function and it was devastating. I have literally never gotten over it.

A few months ago, PW announced her newest cookbook was arriving and banner news, she was returning to Seattle. I was overjoyed. Finally. Finally we could meet, hug, and sing "Reunited and it feels so good" even though we've never met.

Am I going too far?
How likely is a restraining order?
How close am I coming? Be honest. Pretty close? I feel it too. I'll just keep walking that fine line between fan and crazy town. It's gonna be a challenge.

My friend Stephanie, who is as PW-centric as I am, did the leg work on getting our PW book signing night rolling. She's a gem. She bought the books, got the tickets, and coordinated the night. I was so close to meeting PW I could taste it and her famous cinnamon rolls - which are little gifts from heavy and you should make them immediately.

And then, the sickness came.

It's been going around my classroom like you wouldn't believe. Whole friend groups taken down over the course of last week. About 2/3 of my class ended up with it and I was about to do a party dance for myself and the other 1/3 because it looked like we had made it.

Then I woke up today.

And yada yada yada, yet another failed BFF opportunity for PW and me. I'm this close to posting a missed connection ad for the two of us on Craigslist because this is getting ridiculous.

I still love those kids though, I'll tell you that. I thought about gutting it out and going tonight, but the thought of getting sicker and missing our field trip later this week was enough to keep me home in an SVU marathon.

I love them.
Even if they cost me PW.

I mean, how could you not love them?

Doesn't this picture kind of make you want to die?
It's maybe my favorite picture I've ever taken. I think I've said that before. Well now I really mean it.


  1. love that picture, nothing better than little kiddo hands or laughter

  2. That's the reason you're all sick. Keep your hands to yourself please.

    But awesome picture. Hope you feel better.

  3. Love the picture. I got to meet PW two years ago and was looking forward to seeing her again a couple months ago when she was in Columbus. I had to cancel and MM was there.....my "friends" that I met at the last book signing posted pictures on my facebook wall of what I was missing. So sorry you had to miss it again, hope you are feeling better soon. P.S. I missed you!!

  4. Oh my. That'll teach ME not to check your blog for a week! SO, so, so, SO GLAD you're back!! Missed you crazy. No, not LIKE crazy. Missed you cuz you ARE crazy. And I mean that in the best way. ;)


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