bed sores and bed buddies.

Add This Sickness to the list of things I'm getting really tired of. Put it right below "My Marriage" but above "Moves Like Jagger".

I am on Day Seven of the black plague and the good news is, my bed sores are coming in nicely. I couldn't be happier with their progress.

I did manage to get some work done today. I made it a whole 3 hours at school before leaving at lunch. That beats my previous 4 day record of zero hours so we're on the up and up here.

I'm not sure what I have. We've ruled out small pox, typhoid, and polio. SARS and Bird Flu are still in the running. Chuck says "How about maybe you just have a nasty case of the flu, which I hear is going around?" Hows abouts that's not dramatic enough and I need something to work with. We're going on eleven years and that guy still does not get me.

Also, speaking of that guy, he is busy "working" during the day time and isn't around to take care of me and that is really bothering me. Here are just some of the injustices I've dealt with the last few days:

1. Pouring my own glass of cranapple juice.
2. Warming up my bowl of spaghetti o's.
3. Fixing my own blanket when it falls off my feet and my piggy toes get cold.

As a teacher, I am a mandatory reporter of child abuse. Obviously, I'll be reporting Chuck for this and don't give me any "I don't think CPS is meant for 29 year olds." Oh, once they get a whiff of my maturity level, they'll take me in.

Good news here. And don't worry, there's good news.

Jack has been an angel throughout my "ordeal" / "dilemma" (whichever is more dramatic to you, use that as my narration of my illness).

He has really gone above and beyond in his care for me.
By above and beyond, I mean moving his daily sleep spot from the tub in our closet to my side on the couch.

Also good news, I've had my iPhone by my side and have been able to capture some truly adorable Jack sleeping pictures. Feel free to use the term "angel", "cherub", and "love of my life" whilst viewing these precious works of photographic art.

This is what we refer to as a Crescent Moon Cat with an upside down face.
Also, FYI, The Allisons are what we refer to as "Those People."

Here we have a basic hook paw cat.

An upside down holding his face cat. One of my personal favorites. I am sorry, but that face is adorable and he is holding it which makes it 50 times more adorable.

This is a full upside down cat with a belly showing.
I'm not sure if I made this clear enough, but I'm not making these names up. After six years of catparenthood, this is how Chuck and I speak to each other in reference to Jack's sleeping positions. And this? Please. Tip of the iceberg.

There are no words to describe him here. He is literally the love of my life. (I wrote that line in the same voice Rob Lowe uses in Parks and Rec. You either get it or your don't).
Just so you know, he has remained by me the entire time I've been typing. And moaning. Did I mention the moaning? When he sleeps, he groans. Like an old man. Ol' sleep cat.

I'm hoping to make it all the way through tomorrow without watching a single Law and Order episode on USA (character's welcome) and spending more time in street clothes than pajamas. These are my goals. Jack's goals are similar, and of course, no they aren't. He'll just move back to the tub in the closet without me and go back to his moaning.


  1. ok I have finally figured out why I like you so much, you remind me of one of my really good was this sentence that pulled it all together "I don't think CPS is meant for 29 year olds." Oh, once they get a whiff of my maturity level, they'll take me in. LOL you crack me up!! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I hope you are not still sick, I miss your blogging.

  3. Still no new post!I hope you are just out living it up and not inside being sick!


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