i'm not sure what day this should be.


Sorry about yesterday. Here's my bucket of excuses.
It was employee ski night for Chuck's work up at Snoqualmie Pass, so the two of us, plus most of The Gang headed up for a ski-night-out. Of course, they did a lot of skiing and I did a lot of lodging, which is where I pound through a bag of Doritos reading my latest Young Adult trilogy: Matched (so far, so good).

But I did have every intention of blogging yesterday.

First, I actually considered skipping ski night to sit home and blog. That seemed a bit far and maybe a little hermit-like. "I skipped seeing my friends so I could stay home and blog about fun times we have together." See, it doesn't actually work like that.

So, I decided to bring the old laptop up with me. I'd blog during the event. That's maybe a little better. But, through a series of errors on my part (which is shocking because my picture is used as a reference for "perfect" in the dictionary), the computer didn't work in the lodge and blogging was a no go.

My apologies.

Tonight, we'll go for two posts - I mean, I have to make up for last night.

Oh, excuse me. Where are my manners?
Happy Valentine's Day.

For post one today, I went through my files from the year (the files were in the computer) and pulled out my favorite LOVE photos from the year. I love the love.

I hope they make you feel as warm inside as they made me.

Don't worry (I hate when you worry), I'll post again tonight after Chuck and I get back from our hot date to McDonalds. I've been told that if I play my cards right we can get Baskin Robbins for dessert instead of the 50cent McDonald pies. I am a lucky girl.

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