Four days behind on this, but who's counting?

I've decided to have an intervention with myself. I did a self ambush. I wrote myself a letter. I gave myself the chance to get help. I was not, unfortunately, also being featured on Intervention, but I still think things went very well with this.

I'm having a February Blog Intervention with myself.
I have gotten out of the habit of blogging and I need to get back into the routine. I think they say you have to do something like 300 times for it to become a habit (I have zero idea if that 300 is even in the right ball park - I don't actually feel like looking it up ala wikipedia so take it or leave it.), So from here on out, I will blogging every day in February.

I know. Brace yourself.

I'm gonna give myself a theme to go with so that things have some fluidity to them. (Yikes. That's a word and I'm not even confident I've used it right. I feel like if I wasn't willing to fact check the "habit" stat, I can't fact check word usage either. I'm on a really good roll tonight.)

We will go with LOVE. It's February (obviously) and I'll post each day with someone, something, or some idea that I love. It'll be like my own personal pinterest, except with my witty commentary (yup) and blattant disregard for feelings, humility, and "normal". Also, speaking of pinterest, I've been on for about a week and I have lost most of my life to it.

So here goes. Day Four (see it's the fourth, I thought about calling this Day One, but that just seemed confusing and now this seems confusing and I don't really know why this paratheses has gone on as long as it has).

Day Four: The Blog.
(we'll make today's quick since I've already taken up enough of your time).

See? I actually do like this thing, despite how I treat it.
AND, it is The Blog's third birthday. I know. The five of you who read it have dealt with me for a long time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

It's surprising that we've made it to three years (despite my best effort and despite any clear focus). Most blogs have a theme: Mom blog, family blog, cooking blog. I don't know that I've ever quite figured out what this thing is or why it exists, which seems about right since I haven't quite figured me out either (I do know why I exist and it has a little something to do with one Fe and PK).

I don't think I ever set out to make a blog that really showcased our lives the way this has - trust me that was not my intent - but we have become open. And I want you to know that I sincerely apologize for that things that go on in this house. It's called Stockholm syndrome. I've identified with my captor (Chuck).

Here's what I do love. Along with some pictures I love from blog posts of the past. They in no way go together with the text below them, so good luck. That should be fun for you.

I love when Chuck's Dad calls and you can tell he's been crying from laughing at the blog and the things Chuck puts me through.

I love that Fe's BFF reads the blog.

I love that my cousins read the blog and when I see them they know all about my life like crazy stalkers would (oh hey hey Oregon Cousins and Kyle - I loves you.).

I love that my best friends and my family have become characters on this thing. If I was teaching a lesson on story elements, I bet you could do a character web on Fe and Emy and Lucy.

I love that the blog is a nice little personal archive of my life from 2009 onward. It's like the facebook timeline, except way more appropriate since my senior year of college wasn't documented on the blog  and now out there in the open (yikes).

I love that I have blog friends with fabulous blogs, who I've never met, but it feels like I have. Like Meg, and Brooke, and Louise. And then blog readers I've never met, who leave me comments that I die for, (like Shaina, and Kacy, and She'sALady).

Ok. That's enough. I think you get the point.

Tomorrow won't be so mushy or Susie-centric because Day Five with be all about my love affair with Hot Artichoke Dip. See, I said this was going to be a random collection of love, but the point is, I love this blog and I need to have it back in my life as a feature, not an after thought. We'll see how this works out.


  1. I love that you gave me a shout out. Oh and I love that my mom reads your blog and we reference you from time to time. And I also love how creepy this comment is becoming.

    I love how it's all making sense as to why I don't comment.

  2. AAh! My life is complete! Ok not really, that would be really sad. But I'm so happy to have a shout out. What a great start to my week. Looking forward to having something to read for the next 23 days!


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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