day twenty two: a good soul checking test

I'm not exactly what you would call highly sensitive. In fact, along with my other numerous character flaws (they are bountiful), insensitivity ranks pretty high. Mostly because I live a pretty blunt life and in my bluntness, I can sometimes often offend or hurt feelings. Or so I've been told.

For example, I once told my co-worker Maggie that her outfit and hair combination of a high pony tail and green dress made her look like "I dream of Jeannie" working at Starbucks. This did not go over well even though it sounded fine in my head and has continued to not go over well for the last three years. In my defense, Maggie has since agreed with me that yes, she did look like that, but that no, I didn't need to tell her that at 7:45 in the morning. Also she has never worn that dress again. Despite my best efforts, I promise we are still friends, actually really good friends.

I think that's a pretty good example of my inability to understand when I'm going to come across as insensitive, even if that wasn't my intent.

I'm not overly sensitive, I'm not likely to get choked up easily. But every now and then something gets to me. Makes me remember that I can be sensitive and that yes, I have a soul. I call them "soul check tests". As in, this proves that I do have a soul and am capable of human emotion.

Here we go.
My Soul Check Test.

Lucy is aging rapidly, people. I'm reasonably sure she's almost sixteen and that pretty soon we will be sharing clothes. Her life is moving Ferris Bueller fast. I'm trying to slow down once in a while so I don't miss it.

For starters, she's obviously sleeping in a big girl bed now and that still seems weird to me. Is driving a car next?

This is her sleeping in our guest bed. No, seriously, play "Where's Lucy?" and find the tiny hand. This was during an epic 4 hour nap fest that eventually, Chuck and I had to wake her from (I know, don't wake a sleeping baby, but c'mon - we wanted to go to bed at some point that night and she could've slept for years.)

She's announced that she AND Selena Gomez are Justin Bieber's girlfriends.
She can sing the alphabet song and count to 20 and I kind of want to die.

Lately, she's been all about texting. "MA! I wanna send a text."
Obviously, Shelley is super supportive of this because it is awesome. Lu basically just pounds on the keyboard and looks adorable doing it. Then tells Shelley who to send it to.

I got a text the other night at dinner.

I read it. Then I read the dictation of Lucy's text that Shelley wrote so I'd know what it said. And then, I started crying. In the middle of dinner. With Chuck's extended family looking on.

Apparently, I can be sensitive and yes, I have a soul.
Who knew?

I threw my cell phone to cousin Janelle and scream whispered "Read this and cry too so I don't look like such a freak."

The text from Lucy is first. The explanation from Shelley is second.
(also, I call my sister "Toonis", hence her contact name in my phone. That is a whole other story.)

She's telling me she loves me and she wishes she could write more.
First of all, I'm crying re-reading it. Second of all, how old is she?

I'm sorry but if this doesn't tug on your heart, then I don't know what to do with you. This deserves at least a three second "aaah" because it is so ridiculously cute. If you feel nothing, then you've failed the soul check and probably don't have one. Good luck with that.

Day Twenty Two: I love Lucy so much and I wish I could write more about her.

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  1. I loved this post...teary just reading it. Little ones have a way of making even the toughest, a puddle of mush.


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