day twenty three: i love being super appropriate.

Oh yeah Chuck and Susie.

I love this picture.
I love that it is super (in)appropriate.
I love that it was taken at Emy's wedding thus making this officially "Emy's wedding gets three posts on the blog even though it happened in October" week.
I love that this is not wedding or probably even blog appropriate, but let's push the boundaries every once in a while. I mean, who wouldn't want to find this little gem/present in their stack of wedding pictures?

Dear Emy and Kevin,
You are welcome.
Love, Chuck and Susie

{So I'm talking with the wedding photographer, who I've known for about ten years, and she mentions that she's always wanted to take a picture of a couple kissing in the photo booth and getting caught. I grabbed Chuck like he was on fire, threw him into the photo booth, and the whole thing went down before he could even process what had happened. It was amazing. Have I mentioned that I had a great time at Emy's wedding?}

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