day twenty seven: moonin.

Alright so I'm struggling a little bit with the blog challenge. Get off my back. I've had a rough last few days getting over The Crud. Blogging whilst you have The Crud is not actually that much fun. How am I supposed to make fun of Chuck or make myself sound fabulous when all I'm doing is having clear liquids and wondering why the room keeps changing temperature (hot, then cold, then hot, then cold - make up your mind Katy Perry). Lord.

Anywhoo. I rested all day and I'm doing reasonably better.
Reasonably as in clear liquids are now Rocky Road ice cream (the marshmallows are little sugary antibiotics for the soul), but I'm still rocking my pajamas. I'm super fine with it. So is Jack. He loves a good "home sick." He's a sleep enabler.

I was racking my brain with what to write about since not a lot has gone on here since I've been down for the count. I could blog about all the dishes the have piled up, but I don't love doing dishes so I'd have to file that post under Lies I've Told You (and I just don't feel like it today). I could blog about my bed sores, but again, why.

Then, I was flipping through the pictures on my phone and I had my blog post epiphany. This happens on days when I blog. The lights shine down, angels sing, it's a beautiful moment. I know what I can tell you about.

It's not a lot to blog about.
I mean, it is A LOT size wise, but the post isn't huge.

The Newman at Lucy's birthday party. That's her basket. It sits on the kitchen table. We know that it's highly unsanitary. If it bothers you, don't come eat at Fe's. (She does move it for dinner - but oh that Newman yells about it something fierce.)

I took a beautiful video of Fe's cat Newman the other day. Again, Newman is a girl - I know, and she is often called Moonin since that's what Lucy thought her name was and we have done everything in our power to convince her it is not. We perpetuate that name like none other.

Newman has a bit of a weight problem.
I say a bit, like I say "Chuck has a bit of a height problem". She is large and in charge. Good news is that in a wind storm, it is highly unlikely that Newman will fall over. She's a sturdy one.

The set up is that Newman likes to roll whenever Shelley and I come over. It's interesting because with her weight: length ratio, you'd think rolling would be impossible. She makes it happen.

I took this video for Fe a few weeks ago - she was out of town so I stopped by to touch the Newman and send her a "we miss you video".

Moonin in all her glory:

I love The Newman.


  1. wowmom. newman is huge.

  2. Okay, so I completely thought of you today while I was out shopping. I was at a fabulous little store known as Tuesday Mornings in Kirkland. I know, I know trendy little hot spot, right?! Anywho, you must go because they have Easter dolls i.e. bunnies, chicks etc. that look like your Fe Christmas Elf. Hope this random post doesn't creep you out too much, I mean I am just your average blog stalker not some crazy real stalker...

  3. Please come back!

  4. Yes please come back. I hope everything is ok.


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