day twenty one: a real love story

I seriously can't tell you how exciting it's been to see Emy and Kevin's wedding on a real web site. I get that I've put her pic on my blog before, but Louise's Thirty-Something Bride blog just rings a little more legit than the Mom and Pop operation we're running over here. Who am I kidding?

I thought Emy's answers were great.
I thought Louise's questions for her were perfect - exactly what Bride's need to know.

The post really told a nice story of Emy's wedding. The love of Emy and Kevin and the happiness of their day. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hate to interject here, I mean Emy and Kevin are great, but for me, the real love story the day of that wedding was between Emy and her bridesmaids. (I love you Kevin, I do).

I am completely unbiased in this opinion.

The thing about Emy's wedding that made it different from other weddings, for me, was the Bridesmaids. Again, totally unbiased but we were awesome. I say that with no hesitation. We were amazing.

We were amazing because we are all close friends.

Think about wedding parties - yours or ones you've been in. The Bridesmaids are always a collection of friends from different parts of the bride's life. A few girls from high school and college, one from work, the sister, the new sister-in-law, and the girl who's wedding the bride were in so she had to put her in hers. You know I am 100% accurate on my assessment of the bridal party. Winner, winner, chicken McNugget dinner.

But Emy's bridesmaids were different.
There were five of us: Andrea, Jessica, Dania, Libby and Me.

Andrea and I have known each other since early high school - we ran cross country against each other. Jessica and Dania were cheerleaders together in high school - I super love that. Libby is  Chuck and I my  eldest daughter; we are so proud of her. Jessica and I lived together in college and Libby lived with Jessica after college.

Obviously, we are all close to Emy, duh or we wouldn't have been her bridesmaids, but the point of that paragraph was to demonstrate how close we Bridesmaid all are to each other, even seperate of the Bride.

We are a package.

(You've seen this pic before. It's us - minus Libby - in 2003).

Emy's wedding, it was just us. That made it pretty magical. There was no odd man out or new girl or someone we'd heard about, but never really met. It was perfection to just be us.

So when we got back Emy's wedding pictures we sort of died a little because it told the story of "us" so well. I felt like the photographer captured the love story of us girls with stunning accuracy. Nothing had to be staged or faked - we really are laughing and we really are that close.

It's the twenty first day of the blog challenge and I've known about this post since Day One. I love these girls, I love their friendships, I love these pictures. I'm not sure if it's OK to make canvas prints of someone else's wedding pictures, but I am willing to find out.

I get that the love story of the bride and groom is the center of the wedding, but you can't deny the love story of these bridesmaids.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but Libby and I must this it's REALLY funny.

Jessica (on the left side) must have said something ridiculous. Look at that smirk then look at us. She's up to something.

I know Emy isn't in this one, but we love Kevin so much that he needed to be on this.

This is during our toast. Emy didn't have a maid of honor, so we wrote a speech together, seperated it into parts, and people kept telling Emy how much they enjoyed the "skit" her Bridesmaids did. I guess it was kind of a skit. Either way, we killed it.

And then Dania started crying during her part and we were all super supportive of her and her emotions.

I'm reasonably sure this is the seventh picture since 2006 of us dancing to Don't Stop Believin'. Also, no one has ever seen Jessica do the "Rock On" sign before so this picture begged a lot of questions.

The Winner: We found a giant bathtub in the bridal suite. Obviously, this picture had to happen.
Day Twenty One: Best friends are one of the best parts of life.
(Again, photography by Amy Walton. She's amazing.)

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  1. i shouldn't comment on ourselves being so awesome, but i have no shame. We are awesome and look fabulous.


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