day twenty: my best friend's wedding.

Settle in people. Today is story day. I hope you are super ready for this.

Following Julie Andrew's advice, we will start at the very beginning.

A few years ago, when I first started the blog, I stumbled onto a site called Style Me Pretty. It's amazing, especially if you are planning a wedding. I wasn't at the time, but I feel like it's never too soon to start planning for my second marriage. Kidding, but not, but kidding,

Anyways, I commented on that site, a blogger saw it, and that's how we became blog friends - in the most reader's digest version of our friendship story that I can give you. We've emailed, we've stayed in touch on the blogs, and now I can say "oh I know someone who lives in Nashville."

Louise's blog is The Thirty-Something Bride. She used it to chronicle the planning of her wedding and post-wedding it's become a great site to help other brides in their planning. She also throws in her fabulous and hysterical commentary. She's a good read. She can be a little PG13 on her blog, so you've been warned - I still heart her tons.

One of her regular posts is called "Unfake Weddings" where she posts pictures and interviews from other brides on their real wedding - actual, attainable weddings not like the ones in Martha Stewart Wedding that just make you depressed because who would think of that/could afford it without selling a kidney or making a pact with the devil.

Ok. So that part of the story is done.

Next part - kind of like the second act except better.

BFF Emy loves The Thirty Something Blog. It's one of her favorites. Along with dreams of meeting Robert Pattinson and Paul Walker, she wanted to be an Unfake Wedding.

I figured I might have had an "in" with Louise. I knew her well enough in the blog world to know two things: 1. If I was ever mysteriously stranded in Nashville, she'd take me in. 2. She would let my best friend be an Unfake Weddings.

So. I sent her an email. I may have begged slightly. Apparently Emy and I have a sixth BFF sense because she sent an email to Louise literally a minute before I sent mine. She may have begged slightly as well. Who knew this was something we had in common.

Well. Our girl was an Unfake Wedding today.
She's famous now in my book and I'm hoping for an autograph soon.
Louise graciously put Emy on her blog. You can see the whole post here.

This is what I love about the blog world. You can meet someone in cyber space and three years later they put your friend on their blog.

The post on Louise's blog is all about Emy and Kevin and their wedding.
So, tomorrow, I will tell you the other love story of Emy's wedding: The Bridesmaids.

photos perfectly done by Amy Walton Photography.
(I can't recommend her enough!)

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  1. You can say "I used to know someone in Nashville."
    We moved to Charlotte, NC. Much to my music-city-loving chagrin.

    And if you're ever stranded in Charlotte, we have a guest bedroom.

    But you have to bring Chuck.


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