day ten: it's a valentine's day explosion.

First of all, I want you to know that all I thought about today was getting home as fast as possible to my giant bag o' candy. I may have driven with a sort of bat out of somewhere warm attitude, but I had sour belts on the brain so I can't be blamed.

Ok, anyways. Whilst I was at school today day dreaming about my candy bag, I noticed that it a little bit looks like Valentine's Day throw up in that place. And I LOVE it. I love a ridiculously decorated classroom - I don't think you can go too far.

What I most love about Valentine's Day decorations is that they come out so "little kid" looking. The way they cut heart, the way they glue, the way they print, the way they so freely show their love. It's a recipe for adorable.

Sometimes when I do projects, they are challenging. They can be advanced. The kids really stretch their artistic wings and fly. But when you do Valentine's day, it just has to look crafty and homemade. I don't know what it is about that holiday, but I feel like if it isn't cut from construction paper, it doesn't ring true.

I took some pictures with Ye Olde iPhone today of their projects because they are so darn cute.

Day ten: I love child-made, super little kid looking Valentine art projects.

These are their Heart Animals. I gave them a few guidelines and just let it go: everything had to be hearts except for the use of accordion folded paper which makes this go from cute to so adorable you want to cry. I gave this little one a special exception and let him make the trunk on his elephant non-heart related. How could I not?

Same project. The heart pig was ridiculous. Amazing.

Dancing heart people are my favorite 5 minute project. Give them a heart and pipe cleaners. They think these men and women are hilarious.

This was a new project this year. We had them first trace their hands. Then they picked two construction paper hearts and decorated them with oil pastels.

Valentine mail boxes are the cornerstone of Valentine decor. The entire operation depends on them. These "boxes" are made out of cereal boxes. The boxes are cut on a diagonal and the corner becomes the point of the heart. Add two construction paper hearts on the outside and some ribbon and done. Mail boxes are complete.

Love mobiles: They cut a long curly cue out of construction paper and decorate it. Then they decorate hearts with people they love. I tie them to the mobile using yarn.

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  1. Love the crafty heart day decorations...we do the same at our house!


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