day six: shelley and chuck

Today's love: Shelley and Chuck.

Ok so yeah, this is obvious because I kind of like my sister (we have a few things like Fe in common) and I have had this thing for Chuck for the last ten years (even though he was a rebound relationship and I am super excited for "the next guy").

But I can't go that obvious as to write a post about how much I love my sister and adore my husband. That's a little too easy. What I love, love, love is the relationship between Shelley and Chuck (not in the Sister Wives way).

Family vacation to Hawaii - 2006

Maybe it's because they've been stuck together for so long in my life story. Maybe it's because Shelley was a whole 15 when they met (and sporting a dark brown hair color, learner's permit, and a cheer uniform). Whatever it is, I love it. I love their relationship.

Even way back in 2001 when Chuck and I were totally just "going out",  Shelley and Chuck always got each other. They always understood each other and enjoyed each other's company. Things in the beginning of them were pleasant, normal, reasonable for a sister and her sister's boyfriend. It was all I could have hoped for: my guy and my gal got along enough to be in the same room together.

Then one summer, I stayed at college for summer school and Chuck came to Seattle for an internship. He lived with my parents (and thusly an 18 year old Shelley) for about two months and that was it for Shelley. Chuck became Charlie Baby and suddenly those two were buds.

I'm pretty sure that Shelley was acting like Chuck in this picture and being tall, and Chuck was acting like her lady friend. Wowmom is what you are looking for. 

I love that they love each other pretty unconditionally.
I love that I have seen each of them drop everything to come help the other.
I love that one time they used $50 from my parents to buy a giant inflatable waving Santa Claus instead of Fe's Christmas tree (which is what they were sent to get).

But really, nothing explains "Shelley and Chuck" better than the Christmas gifts she gives him. She's kind of like Lenny from Mice and Men when it comes to giving Chuck gifts: she almost "over loves" him and what she buys is always amazing. (I think this post is kind of a two-for-one. I love Shelley and Chuck, and I love the things she buys him. It's a double day Monday.)

One year: $25 dollars to McDonald's.
Then it was the remote control Monster Truck.
The marshmallow gun was a huge hit.

This year. WowMom. Shelley hit it out of the ball park.

She got him a Duck Hunter.
Not like Mario Bros. But actually more awesome.

It's a "gun" and a flying "duck". The duck flies around the room until it is shot three times. It's an infrared sensor that does tells the duck when it's died. It's amazing. And it's such a Shelley to Chuck gift.

Please to watch for visual enjoyment:

As you can see, you literally hunt the duck. You do not however, need to be dressed like a hunter - that was just a special gift from Chuck to you.

Ok so I know Shelley wasn't in the demo pictures but the point is: They have a pretty special brother/sister-in-law relationship. As Chuck and I have grown up together, so have they and somehow have come out with this weird, twisted, odd little relationship that is totally normal for them.

And I love that.

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