day nine: there are worse vices.

I think once you have a Pavlovian response to something that might be the "here's your sign" moment that things have gone too far and you might need to go to rehab.

It happened to me today anyways and yikes.

Things got real this afternoon once I left school for a meeting at "the head shed" (you know - the district office, duh). The main office for my school district is near a shopping mall and it just so happens that one of my favorite stores in the whole entire world is in this mall. AND the entrance to the mall is just a hop, skip, and a stiletto healed jump to my store. It's right on the end.

It also should be noted that with rare exception, this mall has the only franchise I ever shop at of this particular store even though the store is found elsewhere. Are we all clear on that?

Ok, so literally, as soon as I pulled around the corner and saw the mall, my mouth started watering. LITERALLY started watering.


Because I have classically conditioned myself that every time I go to the district office (and pass this mall), I have to stop at Sweet Factory and get a giant bag of candy.

It's a mixture of sour strawberry belts, sour green apple belts, and tiny little jawbreakers that you don't suck on. They are just little poofs of pure sugar.

I can't say I don't know how this happened because I do. I started getting myself a treat before going to meetings and apparently I go to a lot of those things because this has gotten out of control. The second I saw the mall, my mouth got that watering feeling like right before you have a salt and vinegar chip. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking it.

Day nine: I love bags of over-priced candy that will take me a week (lie, two days tops) to eat.

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  1. I too am a lover of all things sweet. I found myself in said store a few weeks ago, and I felt guilty like I was going to be in trouble for being in there. Really? might be time for an intervention for me... my usual cheap and lazy persons vice is the candy isle at Bartell's, its a little slice o' heaven!


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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