day fourteen: my valentine wants fries with that.

Thank God we started this McDonald's tradition back in 2002.

[do you need the back story: ok, reader's digest version - freshman year of college our first real date was at McDonald's on Valentine's Day. We got super dressed up and had a candle lit dinner. It was beautiful and amazing and I'm pretty sure Nelly was on the radio. For a more detailed and much more fabulous account (with pictures), I wrote about the whole story here a few years ago.]

Back to tonight.
I'm super glad about this tradition because Valentine's Day is the worst.
I want to go back and revise that. Valentine's Day is not the worst. What's the worst is having a marathon day at school and then being forced to have this uber serious, OMG romantic evening.

I don't mind Valentine's Day at school. I mean, by the end you literally smell like sugar and you've completely forgotten what quiet sounds like, but it's pretty fun. The kids are so cute in their reds, pinks, and frillies, they party like it's 1999 all day, and I get the big Valentine from everyone's card packs (you know, the big one they make just for the teacher - oh yeah four years of college was WELL WORTH IT for walking in the front of the line, eating extra snack, and getting the bigger card on Valentine's day - maturity is a strong point of mine.).

I also don't mind Valentine's Day in the general, real, outside of the classroom life. I mean I don't die for it. But I certainly don't hate it like some people do (yikes - my Facebook news feed is more polarized right now than it is on election night). People are so passionate about their stance on Valentine's Day. I could go either way. I do like the guarantee of flowers. I super like the guarantee of not having to cook dinner. All in all. I'm OK with this.

What I do not appreciate is the all out, knock down, drag out day I just had at school being followed immediately by reservations and the requirement to wear clothing that is not covered in glue.

That is why I am super happy with the decision that Chuck unintentionally made for us when we were 18 that Valentine's Day meant McDonald's Dinner. Obviously, I never thought I'd be going to McDonald's with Rebound Charlie ten years later, but that's the way my life has played out. I think I'm relatively OK with it. I didn't do too bad.

Basically, after the conversation heart fest I had at school, McDonald's is exactly what I need.

We headed down to McDonald's tonight post haste - mostly because my sugar to other food ratio was a tad off, if you can believe that - and we settled into a nice little booth just the two of us.

Here's the two of us.

Aren't we adorable? Do you know what is not easy? Taking a self portrait with a DSLR. Not an easy task.

A co-worker of Chuck's supplied us with a nice little flameless candle so we could have a romantic dinner without the fear of management (oddly enough, McDonald's does not love an open flame. I love that I know that from experience not from just general logic.).

It was a super romantical dinner.

Happy Valentine's Day from us.
Day Fourteen: I love that we go to McDonald's on Valentine's Day (obviously).

Blowing out the candle at the end. Duh.

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  1. Wow, that McDonald's is SO much nicer than any fast food restaurant here in Baltimore.


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