day eleven: i think she's my cousin-in-law

How dedicated am I to this self-imposed, "I must be masochistic" blog challenge? I'm upstairs at Chuck's aunt and uncle's house blogging. I never miss a deadline (that's a lie). Nothing says family time like tethering yourself to a computer and saying "I'd love to chat and catch up, but I have blogging to do. Sawreeeeaaa."

Anyways, I think I can make up for missing family time by making this a family post right? Can I correct my horrible misuse of time and complete disregard for social etiquette IF I make this post sentimental? Well, wez about to find out.

It's Cousin Ski Weekend. That's why we are here. This is year four of our now annual ski weekend where everyone skis and I sit inside with the lodge cat waiting for them (that's 100% true - I had a very good, probably rabies ridden best friend last year who kept me company and loved clam chowder.).

But, let's complain about the unseasonably warm weather we are having because guess what ruined Cousin Ski Weekend? Mr. Sun and Mrs. Fifty Degrees Fahrenheit. Win if we wanted to go on a picnic. Total buzz kill if we want to go skiing (again, I use the term "we" as if I'm speaking on behalf of them because I literally couldn't care less).

Obviously, I didn't come here to ski. I came to see my favorite cousins and not skiing actually works in my advantage because not skiing means I see them more (until I left to go blog and then that really negated um, ev-er-y-thing.).

Chuck ended up spending some quality time with his Uncle.
I got to spend some much needed one-on-one time with Janelle.
(The other cousin, Mark, is in high school so he dropped up like we were hot to go be a super cool high schooler - I loves him. He's home now, but I have zing him at least once because those are the rules he and I live by.).

Janelle and I walked to Fairhaven to shop.
All we bought was more candy. My post two days ago started Janelle thinking about when the last time she had a giant bag o' candy was and apparently it was forever ago so that needed to be fixed ASAP.

It was a nice walk. We had so much to talk about. She'll be 20 this summer and that pretty much makes me want to die.

When we came home we went nostalgic and found this.
It's the reason I decided to post real quick about her.

This is us at my wedding. She's 12, has braces, and is definitely wearing her first pair of heals. They are about two inches high and she says all she remembers is them killing her feet. I think this is the last time that I was ever taller than her.

This picture KILLS me.

Day Eleven: I love Janelle and I love that I got her as this ridiculous bonus when I married Chuck.

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