this was a simpler time when the snow was "cute" and "fun"

If my last post wasn't clear enough, it's been a week.

BUT, let's not complain. I have power. I'm not cold. And I have a beautiful cat baby to lay on the couch with. Win. Except that he is going to be suuuuper devastated when I go back to work on Monday. And by he, I mean Me. What? Some of us have grown accustomed to no alarm wake ups, warm non-sandwich lunches, going to the bathroom at times other than recess, and also Law and Order marathons. Stay at home Susie is fabulous.

Anyways, last weekend seems like a lifetime ago.
That was a point in time when snow was fun and exciting and welcomed.
Now. Well, it's the guest at the party that won't leave even as you start the dishwasher, pull out the vacuum, and put on your pajamas. Yikes. No one likes that person and no one likes the snow anymore.

Back to my point.
Back when the snow was fun, we had Lucy that day. She had a sleepover, woke up, saw the snow and we were dressed in under five minutes. We only got a dusting that morning, and looking back I think that's all I needed, and we had a great morning.

Two reasons to post these pics five days later: 1. A little try to get rid of my Bitter Snow Betsy. It was fun, it was beautiful, and hey - there won't be a drought this summer. Of course, I'll never see the summer because I'll be in school the whole time, but oh well, who's counting. And 2. Shelley has been trapped in Seattle the whole week sans Lucy (not because she can't drive in the snow, but because she's had business meetings). Anyways, I figured she could use a Lu pick-me-up and this is my blog, my platform, my agenda. Also she's my sister. Own it.

So here we go. Lucy seeing it snow and making a snow man. For me, this was our first snow date. It was everything I hoped it could be and more, except she didn't bring me flowers. I forgive her.

Getting Bubba with a snow ball. He never saw it coming.

The snow should be gone tomorrow.
The snow should be gone tomorrow.
The snow should be gone tomorrow.

I'm trying the Dorothy approach and saying it three times to make it come true.

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  1. I have to say that your pics of lucy are gorg. The end.


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