it compliments the ship's wheel so nicely.

We had a really nice little Monday evening.

We met up with Chuck's BFF/soul mate, Paul, and his wife Shiann for a very normal couple double date dinner. Paul and Shiann were in town from LA, we don't see them a ton (I mean, I don't see them a ton. Paul and Chuck see each other tons in their dreams.), and it was really nice to just get to be with them.

Like I'm sure other couples do. You go out to dinner. You have a nice time. Maybe afterward you decide to go back home and have some dessert and coffee, and call it a night.

I'm sure that's how this works elsewhere. Sure. Sure.

We got home a scoche before them and we had zero idea about what they were going to walk in with.

Paul and Shi waltzed into our house with....a giant helium filled shark. Totally normal. At first I thought it was just a funny balloon because, I mean, shark balloon, ship's wheel, I think it goes together. Ha ha. Super funny.

Isn't Shiann a delicate beauty?

Nope. The giant shark balloon was just one layer to this onion of an evening.

Said balloon is motorized. Uh huh.
See the box?
It clearly shows that this is a remote control shark that "swims" around your house. Paul calls are living room The Aquarium so this purchase made complete sense.

It was not the easiest thing, however, to assemble.
Well, it would've been easy, if Shiann (who watched the video tutorial multiple times AND read the directions AND had seen this assembled before) had been the only one putting the shark together. Add in Bango and Bongo, who appeared to be purposefully not listening to her and - well, I was loving shark assembly as a spectator sport.

Despite Chuck and Paul's best efforts, and their degrees in Flight Technology (which, though not directly related to shark assembly, feels like it should give them a leg up on everything), the shark was ready.

Step two was weighting it perfectly by stuffing puddy into a little hole near the motor. The shark needed to just "be" - to exist without moving up or down. It's kind of how I feel in my marriage. Stuck. Without movement. Trapped.

And then, it was ready.
It "flies" by the tail moving back and forth via a remote control giving it the illusion of swimming. Chuck would like to add an addendum here that it doesn't look like it's swimming, it IS swimming. Ok. Well, now that that's over, back to Susie only narrative.

Some flying pics:

Happier than our wedding day.
 A flying video for full effect. Yes, that's my nasal voice yelling telling the other three to not talk lest they say something inappropriate and render my video unblogable.

It was 'round this time, that we realized two things:
1. The motor that made the shark's move up and down (separate from the tail), didn't work. 2. The shark was counterfeit and can't be returned or fixed because it was illegally made. Whoops.

Whatevs. It still swims and I love that Shiann bought an after market fake one on accident. Makes it such a better gift.

The boys did their best to fix the motor.

I did my best to cheer them on. But really I was disgusted at the level of dissecting that was happening and how tiny the screw drivers they were using were. Seemed super unnatural. Their efforts were for naught - after they hooked up a tiny volt meter to the iddy bitty circuit board they realized the circuit board was getting power, thus proving it was the motor that was bad and beyond repair. Ripley's believe it or not - everything in that last sentence is completely, swear on a Bible on the second floor of Nordstroms true.

So, that's the flying/swimming/shark. It's pretty rad. I highly recommend buying one. And yeah. I would say a very successful Monday double date.


  1. Haha I love that it says "clownfish" on the box. That is clearly a shark!

  2. oh yeah my son got one of these for Christmas and it is hidden in the closet (where it will hopefully be forgotten about)I think I may regift it to my sister for her son's birthday.....ha ha!!! I definately don't have the patience for that! Or I can send it to you if you want??

  3. I sent a air swimming clown fish from my accidental Amazon shippment home with Shelley. It's not a shark, but I figured that at the very minimum the motor can be used for donor parts to the shark.



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