the chunky cheese birthday.

So, Lucy turned three yesterday.
More importantly, she now shares her birthday with Beyonce's baby, so she has that going in her life. Maybe Lucy will change her name to Yellow as a tribute to Blue (if you don't understand that sentence then you are obviously behind in your Perez Hilton-ing. No hard feelings if you want to leave my blog for his. Important things are going on in the world.)

Lucy decided to do her birthday dinner at Chuck E Cheese. She alternates in her mispronunciation of that saint of a mouse between Chunky Cheese and Sucky Cheese, both of which I wholly support.

And obviously, by Lucy decided, I mean she won a $75 gift card to Chuck E Cheese for winning that costume contest at Shelley's work (for being a Hulk Hogan) back in October so yeah. She had two options for her birthday dinner: Chunky Cheese or Sucky Cheese.

Free dinners are the best dinners. She will learn this.

Things with the birthday, however, were a little touch and go the past few months. Lucy had learned the amazing childhood strategy of showing your feelings for a person by offering or reneging on an invitation to a birthday party. I, for example, had been invited and de-invited to her party about 20 times before the big day.

"Lu, you need to eat your dinner."
"Sister, you can't come to my birthday party."

She was pretty ruthless. For quite a while, Chuck wasn't invited until he "grew up and became a big girl". I think her ultimatum made an impression on him (see the photos in prior posts of Chuck in women's clothing for evidence).

Lucky for us, by the day of her party, she was throwing around invitations like a college freshman spends with a credit card. Shelley and I would've come IRregardless of a formal invitation because we were not about to lose out on Chunky Cheese time.

Shelley and I were big Chuck E Cheesers when we were little, and then even bigger fans when they opened one about 5 miles from Fe's house when we were in high school and I could drive a car. Those were some good weekends. Even just a few years ago, we met at Chuck E Cheese for a good ol' fashion "ticket off" (obviously that's where you have a set number of tokens and whoever comes back with the most tickets wins, duh).

What was great about Lucy's birthday was how instantly Shelley and I reverted back to 10 year olds, and Fe, well, she stayed in the Mom at Chuck E Cheese role that she had always done beautifully: sitting and waiting for us and arbitrating arguments over tickets, tokens, and whose soda is whose.

"Mom, where's Shelley?"
"She took some tokens and went that way."

"Susan, give me a token, I'm out."

"Move. It's my turn to play that game."

"Let's go back to Mom and get more tokens."

"I'm not sharing my tickets with her. I did all the work."

Lu had a great time but mostly she wanted to play in the play-area which is free and actually doesn't cost any tokens. Fine fine. More for Shelley and Me. Chuck E Cheese is the place where a Susie and Shelley can be a kid and a Lucy can play for free.

So that was it. Birthday dinner at Sucky Cheese with the family. Shelley and I are planning a real party for Lucy (it's so weird how she has real friends and actual little people she wants to invite), but not until February because that kid has a terrible birthday date: in order to have a party on her birthday we need to send out invites like on Christmas day. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Lucy's birthday in pictures.
Fe would like to take a quick poll: Based on size, which one is the Pinata?

We (I) got Lu a camera for her birthday. Seeing life from her point of view is going to be amazing.

First sighting of Chuck (not the Bubba kind, the other mouse kind). She talked such a big game about how they are BFFs until he walked in the room.  Then, she had a heart attack and not the good Susie seeing Rob Pattinson kind.

PK was practically holding a clinic for Pop-a-Shot.

Chuck compared holding the Guitar Hero guitar to licking a subway seat.

Second sighting of Chuck. At least she was able to keep her food down.

The ride is supposed to involve sitting in the car and then a picture of you and your passenger is taken. Lucy decided to take a more Whitesnake approach to this game and sat on the hood.

At home opening gifts: this face says it all - she is officially too old to get underpants for her birthday AND be excited about it. End of an era.

Everyone is now super excited that they have both of us taking pictures of them.

Posing with her "kill". Note the weapon.


  1. I would like the deets on this cake of hers...

  2. At our house we call it Chuck E. Jesus. Seriously. It's awesome, and I'll never correct it. Lol.

  3. Best part - "Lucy decided to take a more Whitesnake approach to this game and sat on the hood." Love it, love her!


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