um, what just happend?

Yeah, I don't really know how to explain this.

The end result is, www.theallisonwonderland, is currently down (hopefully not for the count) and we are back at our original home with blogspot (

My yearly renewal with my domain host came, renewed, and went. I thought everything was fine. Then, my friend Libby put me on suicide watch after the blog went down and I hadn't responded to her texts. And Chuck's Dad called wondering why he couldn't find us.

Apparently, the credit card on file for my annual renewal was the one that expired.
And apparently, those don't work then to renew purchases like, oh I don't know, domain names. So, with these two email came to me that the card was declined and the emails went to my gmail account (which I don't use, like, um, ever - that's my SPAM account email. My "oh sure GAP you can have my email" account. Bam. Fakish email. It's my Internet equivalent to 867-5309.)   I didn't see that the card had - weird - been denied.

So then they shut me down.

Fine. Fine.

Except now I am in an Internet black hole. GoDaddy (my domain hoster) has my address saved and ready to give me back, I just need to give them my Google App username and password (since blogspot is actually Google blogs). Ok.

So "Hey Google, I need my apps information."
"Great, we just need  you to verify your website and identification, so GO TO theallisonwonderland, get this number from it, and we'll give that username and password."
"Um Google, the site is down and expired. So I can't get into it to get you that number."

That's where we are right now. At "huh". Google needs information that I can only get once I've rebought theallisonwonderland, and GoDaddy needs information from Google that Google will give me once GoDaddy lets me rebuy. Get it? Neither do I. It's getting old.

So. I'm in a holding pattern until someone can find a way for me to verify that yes, I am the admin for what was formerly known as theallisonwonderland, just don't ask me to log into it.

What's frustrating is the idea that I've disappeared. I've spent three years getting you people to read this thing and now you people can't find it and I'm terrified. Of losing the people I know, and losing the people I don't know who still for some reason read this thing and like my life.

So. For now. Save the blog as
And if you can - forward this to anyone you know who reads this so they can find me. Change the link that take your blog to my blog to "theallisonfam"? Help a sister out? We're still calling ourselves the wonderland, it's just not too wonderful at our house right now.

Hopefully, we'll get theallisonwonderland back OR worst case, we hold a contest to rename the blog. Yikes. I really want to keep theallisonwondland. I like my readers. I want you all back.


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  1. Consider Nettica and start all over in terms of domain names? My 2 cents. This particular post makes me shudder in fear of the same.


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